Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ciclavia - Iconic Wilshire Blvd

When they advertised this event as the most walkable Ciclavia they failed to mention that it was still a pretty long route.  Also it makes a difference when you're the only one walking and everyone else is on bikes.

It's amazing to see a major LA street closed off for bicycles and even more amazing to see how many people participated.  Traffic was bad that day, but not for bicyclists.  They were also handing out pamphlets about major sections and buildings along "Iconic Wilshire."  It was a spectacular history lesson.

We witnessed a couple of crashes where the intersection was opened for cars and there was sudden stops.  There were so many people out that we needed the help of cross guards to get to the other end.

We ran into Cindy and Hannah and played with some of their equipment.  And took a break for Korean lunch!

The good shots are from Cindy's film camera.  Borrowed them from her Flickr.

Our friends!!  What a lovely day!  The next one is in DTLA!  The heart of LA in October.  This time I'm renting a bike!

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