Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Recap - Los Angeles

I'm trying hard to catch up!  EEK!

May was really busy.  I wanted to write about Bay to Breakers in the same entry, but it always deserves its own especially since Jimmy and I spend the morning exploring North Beach and Hayes Valley which are both areas I haven't explored.  But I'll get to that.

This entry is about two wonderful events in Los Angeles through Jimmy's lens and my poorly written narration.

Memorial Day BBQ

Ern asked me what I was doing for Memorial Day, I responded... you should have a BBQ.  He said, "great idea."  And there we have it.  Plant the seed and with the right soil it was flourish.

Ern thought it would be a good idea to twirl while holding a plate of meat fresh from the BBQ.  And it got everywhere.  I think we learned about this in science class.  He makes up for it by showing us his giant lazy pussy.

This lesbian couple made the best carne asada tacos ever.

Andrew is trying to show everyone that my ass is so big that it can hold a cup.

Ish Jimmy being cute and me cutting strawberries before I learned the straw trick (google it!)

Trevor Project at the Hollywood Castle

We were able to snag two last minute tickets to this lovely affair.  Up in the mountains is the Hollywood castle.  We enjoyed the view and wandered around.

Waiting for the shuttle from Hollywood Blvd
The Castle

It was a modern day fairytale.

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