Sunday, June 2, 2013

February Recap - Year of the Snake

I guess we can consider this a "throwback!" Back in February I checked out the Garden Grove Tet Festival.  I heard it was supposed to be the largest Vietnamese Tet Festival outside of Vietnam.  And holy pho it was.  There was a huge food set up, stage performances, carnival rides and cultural booths.  The highlight reel above does a great job at capturing the event.  Though there could be more shots of multiple the food booths.  We enjoyed a clam salad on rice cracker (goi hen.)  MMMMmm.

There was some controversy this year when the LGBT groups were not invited to march in the parade. It's pretty sad that the church groups threatened to pull out of the parade if the LGBT groups participated. I didn't stay updated on what happened, but I happy when I found this gem walking around the festival.

This ride was a bit terrifying, but it added to our adventure.  Could not stop laughing.  David lost his wallet in the gravatron, but was able to retrieve it before the next group went in.  #luckybitch

Viet squat


We also attended another festival in Pasadena hosted by the Pacific Asia Museum.  Took the opportunity to walk around the museum.

Candy Art

Sumo Wrestling


Missing Tet celebration is like missing Christmas and I missed it again this year.  It was the perfect opportunity to hang with my brother who was also in SoCal.  We celebrated with an AYCE Chinese Hotpot Dinner at A & J Hot Point Hot Pot in Rosemead.  I gave my little brother a red envelop to celebrate the new year.  Family time!


Finally we checked out the Midnight Temple Ceremony in Chinatown.  This included dragon dance, prayer and intense chinese fireworks which created large clouds of smoke and loud explosions.

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