Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Exploring with Alysia

Alysia is my family away from San Jose.  We don't see each other as often now that her OkCupid boyfriend is becoming more serious, but during the occasions I do see her, it's wonderful.  April is her birthday month and even though she just came back from Thailand, she insisted on having Thai for her birthday dinner.  Alysia is a conundrum - she doesn't like peanuts, curry, beansprouts, coconut or seafood but she somehow manages to find Thai delicious sans those ingredients.

The next stop for her birthday was star gazing at Griffith Observatory.  But it was so cloudy that evening.  Luckily we all had the constellations app and just enjoyed the night sky electronically.

Later that week, I took a Friday off to venture into downtown to places no tourists have ever gone... during weekdays.  This included visiting DWP where we learned about how LA gets its water.  That crane in the background excites me because it's a sign of development.  Brigham Yen knows all about the happenings of DTLA.

Alysia discovered a DTLA Farmers market up the block.  So we enjoyed a great lunch there among the workers of the city around Bank of America Plaza.   The park in this area is so cute.

We ventured back to City Hall where we got our visitor's pass to see the glorious city view on the 27th floor.  Only open on weekdays!  This has been on my to-do list forever!  We can see most of downtown off the top ledge.


We saw some great architecture.  But I didn't think my shots were that great.  

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