Sunday, June 14, 2009

Images of your Past

There's just something about being fobby and adding a gay twang that's just overwhelming. Like nails on a chalkboard. "So Cue when you say such Thing?!?!" .... MY EARS!!!!!!!!!!


But in regard to what this guy is talking about, I had an assumption that there was no "material" of me floating around the web since... I don't do that.

Until an old friend goes, "Chris.. I have to show you something."
And... I almost died when he sent me this picture. I was such a stupid 19 year old and like the above video this image popped up again, thankfully it was censored. Because I was prude back then... and a tease apparently.

To my knowledge, there are no videos... they were "thrown away." *crosses fingers*

Be careful, I know it's fun but seriously, TRUST NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Except me, of course.)


pizzaria said...

hello there, I like ur blog.

I follow this guy's videos sometimes too and I agree with u about his voice but overall I like him.

and I am extremely paranoid about this issue as well. if you don't mind my asking, does this mean a picture you never posted online ended up online? or was it a pic you had once posted and then regretted and took off, only to have it resurface?

I personally have never put anything online but I shudder to think ...gah

letopho said...


When I was 19, I exchanged some pictures with my boyfriend at the time.

Apparently, I also sent them to other people, but censored them first.

I never posted on a site... or at least I dont think so. =X

Thanks for your comment!

Best Fiction said...

That voice really is...too much.

And you're right: you gotta watch what you post online.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I posted a picture with my shirt up just for laughs.

Next thing I know, someone sends me the link to, where I was December's "hot abs asian." It's still up in their archives.

I was like, 16 at the time. So far, only one person has ever said they recognized me...but I wonder where else that pic's popped up. 0_o

Anonymous said...

lol nice.
the reason I ask is my bf and I filmed a short lil film on my cell phone awhile back but I deleted it a few minutes later and hadn't sent it
to ANYONE (it was only on my phone and deleted asap). it sounds ridiculously paranoid but I'm still for some reason scared it might surface
somewhere haha? is it ridiculous to think
there's a conspiracy to track and monitor all videos that are made on cell phones? :P I hope I'm safe? yeah i'm a tard

Anonymous said...

Firstly, thank you for using my video on your blog. It serves a purpose and I like that.

Now with that being said. 2. by fob I hope you mean fresh of the boat? (plane to be more precise). & I hope there is no negative connotation when you use such acronym. Because there are better way to insult than to use such term.

3. Now regarding my voice: I hope you all realize I was overtly trying to be flamboyant. Not that I won't deny that I am flamboyant in person. I personally thing it is no where near nails on a chalkboard. Just cute and adorable.

minh =)

ndevelopment said...

u sexy thing u! :)

hellogenation said...

Lol cute video on many levels. I'm just hoping that Minh doesn't search around chasing down every single person who posts the video cuz that's just a little creepy no?

Hahaha letopho... I *self censored comment* ;)

letopho said...

Hey Minh:

I definitely mean Fresh Off the Boat! I glad we on same page!

Thank for comment and letting me use your video to prove a poin.

I'm glad you thing that you are cute and adorable!


the immigayrant said...

Actually, I find the video cute and entertaining. Although I did cringe when he said "hey, Baby" with an emphasis on the B, and "blush-blush". His FOB accent reminded me of my own FOB accent. Fun to watch, though.

Anyway, I think you were being mean when you ridiculed his typing error. I felt awful after I laughed to "I'm glad you thing that you are cute and adorable!".

I'm an FOB myself, I arrived in Australia just few months shy of my 20th birthday, so I have little chance to get rid of my FOB accent. And I make lots of spelling/grammatical mistakes (I am being super-careful right now).

I have high-pitched voice that I tried to lower without success at highschool, and I'm not the most masculine one in the gay population.

After reading your post, I was left questioning:

1. Do you dislike FOB accent?

2. Do you dislike flamboyant mannerism?

3. Do you dislike it when those two come together?

Cause, I feel like I have them both. I don't want Minh or myself to be discouraged from making more online vids/posts.

Please clarify...

letopho said...


Herrrrro! Thanks for the note. I don't want to discourage anyone from from making online videos. I guess by poking fun at Minh I've caused folks to become self conscious. :[

Please don't let my teasing keep you from speaking your mind!

Be fierce baby.