Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grab a partner dosey doe.

No one wants to be lonely 'specially homos.

I'm driving up to San Jose with Alysia on Christmas Eve and though I'm glad to see family, I don't want to be home for too long. Like Thanksgiving I anticipate finding myself detached and disconnected and rather than warm fluffy feelings I expect to feel lonely.

Maybe I've come to associate a lot of emotions when I'm in the bay area. While in LA, I find myself a lot less Emo and just enjoying company rather than thinking too much about it. Moreover the baggage that I was carrying was left behind in San Jose and LA is where I feel fresh, new, confident and driven... instead of being weighed down.

In the bay is Jimmy who I heartlessly left when I got the job. In the bay is James who I strangely still think about even though it's been a year. In the bay are my boys who seem to have been pulled a part because well... times change situations.

And I think it's the reality of it. That people jump from one another and maintaining relationships is just difficult. Like my high school friends who I know for sure do not contact eachother like before... but once again we'll come together for this Christmas party.

It's mandatory. 7TH Annual Christma Party. This won't be epic, but it'll be important because it's one of the last traditions that I want to be a part of while being at home.


My shopping list has exploded... and since I have a good job. I think it's a good idea to buy something for the parents. X.X

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mich said...

the first christmas i had a good job, i bought all my family members something and then kinda stayed in an extreme holiday spending pattern for longer than the holidays... so be careful when you rein it back in! haha.