Monday, December 7, 2009


My grandpa on my dad side had two wives. He had 8 children with one wife and 5 children with another... concurrently. What does that mean? It means I have more cousins!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

This is Hillary. She is my half cousin? I don't know what the correct term is, I guess our dads are half brothers. So... quarter cousins? Anyway, she is spectacular and her friends and my friends joined for dinner at Ben's Next Door.

I was worried that the table would be divide in conversation, but a real connection was made and everyone went around the table to tell stories and cover basics. It was an inclusive conversation for the most part. The great thing is Hillary and Michelle live a block away on the same street! It was absurd! And I've discovered that folks in DC are generally very intelligent. I needed a dictionary while talking to them and my "i'm illiterate joke" sort of made them nervous.

We talked about the different experience that my family had compared to hers. My family, with the wife of 8 kids, all stuck in California and married Vietnamese. We grew up in a predominately Asian lifestyle and being Asian was normal and boring. While her family, the wife with 5, got scattered across the country and married anglo-saxons. They had more of an identity issue for sure. She told me that her brother would once say to their white mother, "i wish I was full Asian, I would be better at math."

And the only thing the poor white mother could say in response was, "white people are good at math too..........."

It's interesting how I know hapas who at one point wish they were more white. I guess being more Asian would make you stick out and the desire to stick out is pretty common in my blood.

The meal was delicious. Shrimp and Grits! and Brind Fried Chicken. Yum!

We parted ways and Hillary invited us for dinner the next day. She was so warm, so friendly and added my friends on facebook within the hour. lol.

Maressa, Michelle and I found ourselves touring DC on foot before we settled at Saint X for some Pear Cider. We drank and talked and luckily we got a table. We also met up with one of Hillary's friends and danced.

We ditched the white bar and found a club with a lot of black people. "Gosh, where is the slow R&B?!" Michelle wanted to ungulate her body in slow motion. We followed the people of color because strange techno was being played at Saint X.

We shook our booty with some big black girls until the night ended and I forgot to close my tab and had to return at 2:30 praying the bar was still open. It was.

I wanted to go to this place called "Indulj" Hillary's friend described it as "a place for affluent black women." We walked passed and I was intimidated even though I feel like an affluent black women sometimes. Next time.

Michelle asked me, "when did I pick you up from the Airport again?"
"This morning"
"Ohhhh My GAAWWWDDD... it's been a long day."

Yeah, I tend to exhaust my friends.

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