Saturday, December 12, 2009

Makes you feel brand new, these streets will inspire you- New York

I think I achieved my goal of trying to gain 15lbs while I'm on this east coast vacation.

Eating good food is way better than sight seeing

It's funny, people said once I visited NYC, I would want to live there. Quite untrue. I found New York to be fun and efficient, but it was so cold and people don't smile. At least in LA, people have fake smiles.... ...

On the Subway (which I have mastered btw) I encountered this lady preaching about turning everyone on the tram vegan and a Mexican dude with a guitar strumming away. I looked around, people were annoyed and I had a hell of a time suppressing my smile.

I'm currently on the bus again back to DC. This Wi-Fi is amazing, but for some reason, I can't post any pictures right now.

Most of it's food porn anyway.

See you in a few.


Vimesh said...

Eating good food is like Nirvana !!!!

awaiting food porn pics :) :)

Alex C. said...

I agree! NYC is great to visit, but it's way too tough to actually build a life there. I lived there for 6 months, and it was enough for me. Tons of fun though!

We miss ya in Cali!


thwany said...

it great to finally meet you chris. i really had a great time hanging with you.