Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snuuuuuggie! Snuuuuuuggie!

$15 blanket made of cheap material with holes piece of fun was the most popular steal for both my house white elephant and work white elephant.

"SNUGGIE SNUGGIE SNUGGIIIE!!!!" everyone chanted so that the person in play would steal.. which they usually did. I'm sure there was a Snuggie at your white elephant.. right!?

For both games, my gift was picked last I guess I don't know how to entice people with my wrapping or my rapping.

At work, I wrapped these two books and wrote a note, "these books were written by children who were tutored on Sunset. $10 was donated to the tutoring center." When the gift was finally opened my coworker read the title of the books, "I love you but I Need to Wash My Hands." Then she read the note-

"These books were written by children who were tortured on Sunset." I blurted out "TUTORED!!!" And everyone had a great laugh. Gosh I'm glad I'm not the only one at the office who can't read.

Pictures from our Christmas Shindig. We told everyone to dress festively, if they didn't we taped a bow to their nipple.

Some notable moments-
-When Ed grabbed the biggest bag everyone shouted, "SIZE QUEEN!!!"
-Daniels gifts kept getting stolen before grabbing the target bag full of goodies he said, "I lost the date, I lost the booze, fuck it.. I want the lube."
- The surprising steals were the thermos, the target bag full of travel things, and the "date" .. but the date included a dinner so I guess it's actually a good deal!
-Funniest gift - the Anal Hoist.... =x


After the House warming and She-Wolf BBQ we have come up with the best equation for our house parties. The perfect amount of liquor and snacks and a constant bartender to make sure everyone gets a little peer pressure drinky drank.

Towards the end of the night we played Sardines in our creepy haunted house. It was a good time cramming 20 folks in the random nooks and crannies. And screaming BUSTED!! When the last person found the group.

Parties for the future-
January - Good Bye party (Our roommate is moving out)
February - Valentines "Stop Light Party"
March - Saint Patrick's Pub crawl. Each of our rooms will have different alcohol.

Twister is our list for our next party.

BTW. It was 80 degrees yesterday in LA. Love.


Do you like my sweater? I just took my curlers out too.. call me crazy Aunt Doris

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