Monday, December 7, 2009

Hello DC!

Good-bye LA.

I guess the point of being on Vacation is to be on Vacation. I'm forcing myself to not be such a hard core tourist and just concentrate on enjoying all new experiences in a relaxed state of mind. I'm traveling alone to see friends that have left the West coast in hopes of providing something familiar in return for experiencing part of their new life.

With that said... upon my arrival, I visited 5 museums in the snow and ate a whole bunch of good food.

I brought the snow to DC. As I stood next to Michelle to hail a cab, the snow started to fall. It was so cold, it was so beautiful. Michelle and I had to bundle up once I settled in. I felt like I was in the movie, "Home Alone."

I told Michelle that in our coats I felt all grown up. I noticed the town was dressed more conservatively and that my unique mod haircut sort of stood out.

At the Native American Smithsonian Museum we discovered the wonders of Native American food as interpreted by the Museum at the Mitsitam Cafe. So delicious.

-Rabbit Stew
-Peruvian Chicken
-Sunchoke Soup

Next time I come here, I'm gonna try Bison steak and salmon.


Maressa joined us and we visited four more museums while walking in the snow. My converses failed to protect me and I declared that I would rather be in flip flops than in wet socks.

Such the tourist.

After the fifth museum (Natural History Museum) we decided to call it quits. I was so impressed with Michelle, she new the bus system like a baby knows its momma's breast. With that said, the DC bus/metro system is amazing. I was utterly jealous. Everything was on time, there was stop at every convenient location. It was amazing.

We returned to Maressa's place where Michelle discovered she was allergic to Maressa's cat. Michelle had to hide in a cocoon to function. She died a little.

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