Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hi... I'm a Mac

So I got a Macbook Pro after voluntarily brain washing myself by watching all the Mac commercials on repeat. Next to me, my dad was having problems installing something on his Vista. Pah... all signs pointed to Mac... and with a couple of folks online at 3AM, I made the purchase on Amazon.

I got the box in the mail and as Matt suggested, I payed attention to how it was package. Holy mother of pearl it was like music was playing when I opened it... the packaging was beautiful.

At the Mac store, they offered me the "one to one" service which will help me switch over to the Mac operating system. I declined because apprently I have a bunch of Mac user friends who are Mac obsessed and interestingly enough MORE than happy to help me "see the light."

You Mac users are crazy... and i see why... I can spend hours on this multitouch pad... and the camming is so smooth.

Look. There's me and Ernesto.


Thankfully there's Picasa for Mac, which I prefer over iPhoto.
And thankyou all for the advice! @Vimesh @Matt @Dru @Will @mich @Cut Sleeve Boy @dannie @s @tofu @madeline


Vimesh said...

Great news.....

U have moved up in the geek Ladder... :) :)

so happy u got waiting till next summer then i am going to buy it....

enjoy the weekend with ur Mac

hellogenation said...

I'm a PC.

dannie said...

yay you got your mbp! have fun :]]

Dru said...

>w< MACS >w<
They are so much fun with their weird programs.. but it will take some time to get used to it... It's all daily using and switching of computer lifestyles :3

Have fun!! :D

Gauss Jordan said...

See, stories like that make me happy. Not only are end users happy, my stock creeps up a fraction of a penny each time someone converts. ;-)

Got the iPhone yet?

Anonymous said...

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