Friday, December 25, 2009

Good Bye Samsung... Hello iPhone

I got my Samsung A27 something in December 2007 and I've accumulated a lot of memories with that phone. I just finished going through all 210 saved text messages from various people and copying them into a word document.

Why? Because I like to remember. I like to re-experience moments in my life by simply reading old test messages.

What I've realized is the majority of the ones that I've kept are really flattering. "you're the best," "I want to cuddle..." And other strange things.... but regardless why would I want to forget those nice things that were said to me? And it's just nice to remind yourself that someone was thinking of you at some point.

With that, I'll share a handful with you... maybe they were from you.

Thanks you guys.


Texts from Letopho's phone


August 14, 2009
Just want to say hi. I miss u. Mom

August 8, 2009
By the way, I shook my head at you when you were dancing to be funny last night. Cuz you were dancing funny, lol.

July 24
Chris!!!!! Clubs suck without you :(

July 20
Maybe that's why I get these random boners at work…. You are psychically molesting me

July 2
Morning, em. For our romantic date tonight can we got to target and buy 3oz bottles of soap, shampoo and unblock? That'd be so hot.

June 30
Ur so ruthless. I'm so turned on now! Hahahah!

May 14
Thanks for keeping my self esteem high this week. I'll remember this when your on Accutane :]

April 20
Yawwwww! I LOVE YOU! and your inner thighs as pillows.

April 11
I'm at the hustler throwing ones at strippers

March 25, 2009
Im in the bathroon. I need to takr a step back and breathe. Eqww he'll no. He's like in his 650's. I'm not that buzzed

January 29
You. Hunters. Tonight. Drunk. Dance. Vomit. Point and laugh. Pass out


December 4
I just passed by a tow truck that belongs to the camel towing company!! Hahahahha

November 30
I wanted to tell u that our body roll is hotter than a freaking sexy roll. Hahah is

November 22
Makre sure you are camando!!

November 21
Studying is not freaky, unless it involves you.

August 1
If you weren't dating when I met you I think I would have had a crush on you cuz you're awesome like that hahhaha dunno why I just wanted to let you know teheeh =]

July 29
Outside your door? =]
And a good night ass squeeze for good measure haha.

July 27
I'm really glad you came last night and I think all the girls were thrilled to see some men out there. :]

July 15
Oh dear heavens I love the bone. I try to gnaw on it whenever I can. I can't get enough bone, really.

July 5
I wish we could return to a simpler time.

July 5
Hand puppets! I miss you guys. Trips ain't the same without all

June 27
OMG u are right. My brain can't handle all the boobs n booties.

May 30
I hope you're having a wonderful time right now. Things might not ha turned to well between us lately but that doesn't change that I've had many of my most happiest times with you. Happy 23rd.

April 26
Don't make me walk over and listen to you poop

April 10
Aww you're missing out on the boots with the fun. Even worse… fobs with boots with the furrrr

January 26
I just read your blog. I love you too anh :)


December 29
We want cheap Chinese and we will get it close to you.

December 26
It's weird being here and only talking to you once.


HELLLO 2010!


Michael Van Nguyen said...

that was cute! now send me your phone if you don't need it bc mikey boy o'er hurrrrr is using an OG nokia. hahaha. miss ya bud!

thwany said...

welcome to the club!

Marcello said...

Hi there,
We would love to trade links with you. Please let me know if you are interested


Quan said...

aw! bittersweet! my favorite is July 5 "I wish we could return to a simpler time."

:( I wish the same thing from time to time!

cheers to a fresh start!