Monday, December 21, 2009


I haven’t mentioned Crazy Aquarius much here, but I feel like updating since he’s been a nice addition to my life.

The goal here is to be as transparent as possible.

He "knows where I stand." But I can't help but feel like it's unfair to him that I'm affectionately friendly while not looking for anything more while he seemingly expresses great interest. My coworker asked me about him and responded, "YOU SLUT!!" When I told him my situation. I am amused that I can be so open at work.

Crazy Aquarius is really sweet and and brings a lot of
positive energy to my life and my house; Ern enjoys his company very much. I don't want to take advantage of his attention.. his company without really returning anything, but he assures me that he’s not giving me any sort of special treatment because he’s the type to smother all of his friends.

So I guess for now that's all I can ask for is a good friend who "knows where I stand" and being very transparent of my intentions is important to me.


What happened to the last guy I dated? Not much, he was a poor communicator to begin with so he just disappeared. He never returned my calls, but we always invite him to the house parties. So should I check up on him? =/ I guess I should leave him to his space.


Crazy Aquarius took that picture of me. I curled my hair again before I cut it off. I shaped it into a Mohawk for the Christmas shindig, but I didn't gel it so it eventually flattened and looked like a nasty rodent on my head. How do you do make it look so good Geneticboi???

... I call this hairchive: The Naima Mora (from Top Model) Inspired

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