Friday, December 4, 2009

Adventures in DC and New York next week

I'm heading to DC to visit Michelle, Maressa and my Half Step cousin twice removed Hillary and touring the sites because I didn't get to go on my DC trip in high school because of 9/11 and my mom was paranoid.

Then I'm heading to New York to eat eat eat with Carl and to visit Nick and Quy and who ever is around.... maybe you!

Broadway show and the club "RockIt" on Friday 12/11.

Apparently the Dragon/Rage equivalence in New York is "Web" which is smaller than dragon, plays slowed down house music and smells like urine. Hmm.. No thanks.


Look at all the suggestions I got:

Fred Chang
Fred -
Momofuku for the pork belly bun and chicken wing. Momofuku milk bar for the banana cake.
November 25 at 5:03pm · Delete
William Ching
William -
Shake Shack, Serendipity, Rice To Riches, Magnolia Bakery and mostly anything along St. Mark's Place.
November 25 at 5:06pm · Delete
Nam Nguyen
Nam -
Cake Love, Jaleo, Mie N Yiu - DC
Park Avenue Winter - NY
November 25 at 5:07pm · Delete
Joey 伍雲舟 Wu
Joey -
Ippudo Ramen!! Chikalicious!! 10 Downing for brunch!
November 25 at 5:25pm · Delete
Seyron Foo
Seyron -
Balthazar's for their fries, and Anita Lo's Annisa! Oh, and Le Bernadin!
November 25 at 5:38pm · Delete
Mike Mikawa
Mike -
DC - Ben's Chili Bowl, Busboys and Poets, Ethiopian food on U Street, Korean food cart (near Franklin Park), GEORGETOWN cupcakes! Don't eat Asian food at any restaurant in D.C. tho
November 25 at 6:41pm · Delete
Michael Yoo
Michael -
NYC - Momofoku - Duk Bok Eeh.
November 25 at 9:13pm · Delete
Trevor Smith
Trevor -
Per Se in New York is a must...
November 26 at 12:18am · Delete
James Zarsadiaz
James -
dc: matchbox is my favorite restaurant. i know the co-owner. haha tell perry i said hello. HAHA if he remembers me! oh i miss dc.

nyc: carnegie deli for a 10,000 calorie pastrami. SO GOOD haha!
November 27 at 11:09am · Delete
Michael Yoo
Momofoku!!!!! You have to, let me emphasize, HAAVVEEE to eat here! :-). So many good places in NYC! They also have Goodies in China Town ( Confucious Square) but I don't know if they closed down

Any other suggestions?! I can't wait to explore and get lost and freeze my ass off.


I also plan on getting this drunk:


matt said...

check out the high line for me please. take lots of pictures. you can google it.

Vimesh said...

I read this in a pizza blog ....the pie at Di fara's pizza is excellent

so if u going there sheck it out and then tell us all whether its worth....

hellogenation said...

does this mean you might visit me?

Daniel said...

New York: Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn is the best pizza I've ever had and it's just a short walk from the brooklyn bridge. The servers are rude russian guys but the pizza is so worth it.

Rob said...

Definitely, The Web is likely to be a disappointment. For dancing you may want to try SBNY (Splash), Mr. Black plus there's other weekly parties.
For bars, Therapy or G Lounge, but there's lots of places.
For some pictures of different nightly parties check:

thwany said...

i actually work at the place that was recommended above a few times.