Friday, December 18, 2009

She-Wolf BBQ

No time to do a November recap, but I did want to post pictures from our She-Wolf themed BBQ. What does that mean? No idea, we just wanted a theme. Most folks left at 10PM. Our house was just a 1st stop before they all headed to West Hollywood. 15 people responded to the facebook event, but 35 showed!! Nice


Next time we will be the last stop! Woot woot.

Michael showed me how to make a pasta sauce with tomatoes and a stick of butter! Nom nom. Sam did the She-Wolf dance, but only after he was intoxicated.

Come Visit 321!!!


Best Fiction said...

I wish it was warm enough in Chicago for me to BBQ! That chicken looks amazing...:P

thwany said...

you're adorable

Quan said...

LOL! lmao She-wolf themed!!!! tomatoes and a stick of butter! yikes! did it taste good?! the BBQ looks good but I hate hot foods.