Monday, September 28, 2009

Ridiculous Sweets and Racial Things

Sprinkles Cupcakes, whoop dee do.

I was on Rodeo Drive and I saw a huge line for these things.

As I walked by I shouted, "It's not worth it!" And scurried away before someone hit me with their Louie Vitton Bag with their dog it in it or threw their Chanel sunglasses at me... wait... they would just look me up and down and scoff.

Last time I went there was at Palo Alto. I was interested in the smaller cupcake that was $2.50 instead of 4 dollars, just to see if this was worth the money. My boys said to me, "those are for dogs." ARE YOU SHITTING ME? How utterly ridiculous.
I think it's better when you home make them! Aww baking fun with the boys! Heart.


In my office, there are these overpriced cupcakes daily from our partners. Sprinkles, Crumbs, yada yada. I guess they're good... but I would never buy them on my own. BUT I was craving a cookie that I was introduced to by one of our partners.

The other day, I went into Crumbs to get a cookie and found a "Chinese Cookie." I asked the worker what was different about it and she said, "they used larger sugar crystals... it's sweeter." I looked at my friend and said, "I guess anything strange and unfamiliar is considered Chinese." Another worker heard me and laughed. I laughed back because you're store is dumb.

So, I order the Chinese Cookie to see if it tasted any different and it tasted like the most American Cookie I've ever had.


Speaking of stupid racial assumptions my friend told me he was at a Pho place and this group of obnoxious white dudes asked the waiter for some fortune cookies in a seemingly mocking tone. To this, my sassy friend looked at them and said, "That's racist." Because you know, Vietnamese places do not serve fortune cookies.

"How is that racist?" They were confused and right at the moment, the waiter bought out fortune cookies and my friend was mortified.. and hid for the rest of his meal. Click the cookie for a fortune:


Back to cookies, so I found the cookie that I wanted online and get this, it's 40 dollars for a dozen at DeLuscious Cookies. Really? Really... really? I'm just going to wait for the publisher to send us a batch.


Alphabetical said...

oh yeah, my brother said he got some of those deluscious cookies at work and they were, hands down, the best cookies he's had in his life. he ordered another dozen for himself. haha. i never got to try them. and i'm with you on the cupcakes at sprinkles -- they blow. be sure to try one at bluebird cafe!!

dannie said...

i went to Palo Alto and i wanted to try sprinkles until i found out it was $4 for one. hell nah lol i love diddy rieses in Socal :] i really don't like fortune cookies

ayepen said...

i'm going to imagine that you spelled louis vuitton on purpose for comical effect, cause as a gay man you should be ashamed. jussst sayyyyyyin ya dig! =]

Anonymous said...

LOL. Louie with dogs.

I pass by sprinkles in Standford when I visit my guy and he loves that crap, I give him grief about it because he waits in line for it.

Isn't Chinese sweets usually less sweet?