Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maybe I am having better luck with boys in LA.

Hairchive: The THICKKK Bang. (It took a while because my forehead is gargantuan.

I think it's because I'm in a new place.
It's such a turn off that people know each other... it's like incest when you're trying to holler at someone and discover that you already have 20 mutual friends... how much do they already know about you... or can find out about you?

Especially now where the folks that I know in the bay seem to mixing so that everyone is obligated to give Dragon hugs and kisses to everyone else when they know jack shit about each other. A simple handshake or straight head nod would be sufficient.

But I guess it makes sense, gay folks are continually in search of "good gay friends" that won't back stab them, use them, or hurt them emotionally (guilty). And are very eager to shout "NEXT" when they get bored, disappointed or hurt.
I like to try invest my time in the people I know well. I try not to be so eager to move on just because they did something stupid.. and gay people do some pretty stupid stuff to each other, arguably unforgivable.

And in LA, the folks that I do know are VERY loosely linked to me. No crazy incest-ial social web. It's refreshing to start a blank-ISH social slate. To re-create a strong foundation of good close friends and find lovers that can't link back to me through one degree of seperation.

"Are you Up?"
I've known this guy before. When I was first introduced in February- he was awkward, sort of weird and socially inexperienced. When he learned that I moved down, he made an effort to see me. In the middle of the night he texted, "Are you up? I want to cuddle."


I was with friends, so I couldn't, but I'm not usually one to turn down bedtime company.

Yesterday he took me out on a date. I noticed that he was more attractive than our last encounter. His words were fluid, his jokes were charming and as he talked about having a professional gym trainer, I couldn't help but imagine myself rip his clothes off to see.

He was convinced that I had been working out, I responded, "no.. it's the shirt." It's always the shirt.


Gay Asians, White Gays
He told me about his frustration with white people and how gay Asians are a triple minority: rejected by society, Asian family and then the community because gay Asian men are on the bottom of the totem pole. I would argue- Asian guys often dont talk to white guys the same as white guys don't approach Asian guys. Unless there's a fetish involved... in either direction. You often stay where you're your community...genre so to speak.

I tried to flirt, touch his shoulders, tangle our legs while we sat, say shit like, "but I'd like to spend more time with you." I wanted the date to pass the "meal with a friend," and get to the... "I'm interested... can we flirt instead of talking about work?" Eventually we got there when he talked about ropes, handcuffs and blindfolds. Wow.


I brought him back to my place and he awkwardly sat on my bed. While telling stories I caressed his hand. "Maybe I should go... I don't want to keep you up, you have work."

I found myself forward, "actually, I don't mind.. I would like your company."

Maybe because I was flattered when he suggested that we cuddled in that previous text, but after that, I really wanted to pursue it.

I held onto my first date = first base policy and he left at 1AM.

He was very good kisser/biter.


Take me Now
He doesn't have many gay friends. He lives 10 minutes away. He claims to know good LA food and wants to go to culinary school next year because he's sick of being an analyst. He commented that he had an extra boogyboard and wants to take me to the beach. FUCK I'm sold, take me now.


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Luuworld said...

nice haircut!

dannie said...

how cute! i hope he keeps his word and takes you to the beach.

Bryan said...

that is too cute. I love posts like these.

mich said...

haha i like your first date/first base policy.

Ryan said...

sounds like a good date. i wish i could remember details like that. i also liked how you had little "chapters" for each part/highlight.

Alex C. said...

We have a winner! Sounds wonderful and I am happy for you.

Gay Asians, White Gays - so true and yet so sad!


Will said...

Bottom of the totem pole? Please. Every minority thinks that every white guy not into them and every white guy into them is a fetishist.

Sure there ARE racist guys out there, but you don't want to deal with assholes like that anyway, so the self selecting process actually works out in our favor.

Just put yourself out there and be aggressive.

Will said...

Oh and grats on the date! Can't wait to here more!

letopho said...

<3 I guess the hot topic is dating. I should more about boys and less about work/community!

Thanks for the love you guys!