Friday, September 11, 2009

Juicy Squeeze is a pretty legit site. I chatted to a few people on there who seem to have a lot of substance. Though I haven't met up with any yet. Once in a while I get messages like this:

I haven't read it all, but I am impressed that we could get along. I'll read it later, especially if you respond. You might find my profile stimulating.
Now look at his picture. Can hear his deep sultry black man voice? Read it again.. "stimmmUlating." I think my body trembled. Dude, my profile is VERY short, why couldn't you take the time to read it? Fail Juicy Squeeze, Fail. And um... I prefer kids my age, thank you!

Speaking of sultry black men. Ernesto and Sam took me to a Hip Hop club in West Hollywood. *GASP* HIP HOP in WeHO!?! Of course, the room was full of people of color with GOOD rhythm and hot dance moves.

I was practicing my Jerk.
"Blow the Whistle.. toot toot toooot!" How can you NOT love that shit.


dannie said...

i bet you blew more than a whistle. haha jk

Best Fiction said...

Oh please, not you too. A friend just got an OkayCupid profile last week.

He's gone on 4 dates since, and has more upcoming. I'm jealous out of my mind.

I'd get one for myself, but have some bad blood with a guy who's on there. (What else is new?) And it never worked as well for me anyways.