Monday, September 7, 2009


MoAny is full of uselessful facts!

Monypedia, What's a better mixer for Vodka?
Pineapple juice, kills the flavor of vodka the best

Monypedia, what are onions good for?
"A whole bunch of things, like scars.. that's what Mederma is made out of"

Monypedia, why are those tennis players grunting so much?
"Fatigue, the later the set, the more tired they are and they grunt to help get energy."

Monypedia, what food are Cambodians known for?
"Beef skewers, I ate this with rice everyday as a kid"

And then suddenly he stopped answering. So I responded, "OH Monypedia must be down for maintenance."


My Boys came down to visit me this ENTIRE weekend. It was epic. But it's difficult to achieve MES (Max Efficient Saturdays) in LA where there is traffic, no parking and everyone is grumpy because my truck is a little uncomfortable. Also, the heat was tiring everyone.

The best day was when everyone slept in, had a quick meal, slept some more, ate dinner, watched a movie in the hotel room and went to dance. Bay Area Boys like it simple.

So much to blog. Lots of good moments.
I miss XCIX!

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