Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Housewarming.. and Shit Talking

House warming party this Saturday. Shit, 70 people gays were invited and only 15 of those were mine. =X. The house isn't even ready yet! OMG!!!

I found a baby seat inside the walls. When I pulled it out, it made a scrapping noise and my heart dropped. It was like the Grudge and I freaked out. After I pulled it out, I decided to put it back in so not to upset any spirits. There was also a child's luggage with colone inside.
I hate it when I go to use the restroom and sit on the toilet and it's just one HUGE fart. Then I have to decide if I need to flush because.. it was just air. I need beano.

Labor Day weekend, the boys kept talking about their shit. MoAny likes his like soft serve. I think Eric likes it quick and all at once like dropping an atomic bomb.

Yeah, I love my boys!


Luuworld said...

only farting when you think you're gonna have a huge shit is such a disappointment! kind of like when you're just about to have a cigarette, but discover the box is empty.

thwany said...

hahahah flush that fart!