Monday, September 7, 2009

August Recap

In no particular order some pictures and events I haven't posted (Gotta recap before I talk about my Labor Day Weekend!:

After some Tapas, we cruised the city in a Ed's yellow Jeep. I loved experiencing the night in a Jeep. All the smells, the air... reminds me of traveling by moped in Vietnam. This cheese dish was so good, though the texture was like boogers. And we are reenacting MIA's Jimmy Music Video. The only good song they played at this gay club called, "Shits and Giggles."

Good bye to Michelle and Harriet! Some rice porridge and drinks in the OC! This is the fun we had that didn't involve locking my keys in the car.

Dim Sum overkill. We ordered for 5, but only 3 showed up. This is us, "POUNDING IT"

Hollywood Farmers Market with Alysia! I got my face painted by these retired Ringling Brothers clowns! The prepared food was amazing and I'm loving the endless samples!

Nisei Week in Little Tokyo! My favorite dish: Okonomiyaki! A must eat!

Gay Club on Tuesdays in Santa Ana at Proof. Random. Never ever going to the OC on a weekday, I wanted to die at work the next day.

Andy left for Taiwan! Thanks for giving me your bed!

Sally and Carl in LA. Yum to Baja Style Fish Tacos!

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