Tuesday, September 15, 2009

About that Kiss

So the boy and I have been hitting it off, at a fast, but slow rate.

We had our second date and yes, we got to second base.
And he has definitely got his money's worth with that personal trainer. =X.

He's an amazing chief and made Mango Salsa for my house warming party this weekend. Some boys at the party were hollering and he answered, "i'm actually seeing someone." This took me by surprise, two dates... I guess.. that's "seeing" or is it"talking" or maybe it's "dating."

I called him the other night, but he was busy. Like a school girl I waited by the phone and I realized that I need to slow my roll. I shouldn't act so clinging, so hopeful... so I convinced myself I didn't care and played Smash Brothers with the roommates.

When he called back, we chatted about all the places he wanted to take me. I told him I was making a list and he joked. "So when we complete the list, our relationship ends?" I responded, yes and he said, "then I better keep adding things."


He doesn't give a lot of attention like other guys that I have dated. No text messages or phone calls or anything. It's like, "ill see you when I see you." And his nonchalant method of... dating... leaves wanting more; leaves concerned and thinking too much, but I shouldn't be. This is how normal dating works: You give each other space. And that's important... to be able to remain as inidividuals.


But the one thing that we need to work on is his kiss. When we kiss, he comes at me like he's about to give me CPR. Great for making out... BUT not when I want simple, cute, quick subtle, clean closed mouth kisses to say hello/goodbye.

I've told him this. And I stop before he devours my face. It's actually quite funny. He comes in slowly then OPENS HIS MOUTH as wide as possible and it's full speed ahead like he's trying to put 300 jumbo marshmellows in his mouth.

It may be an indication that he's only kissed in passion... and not flirtatously. I should spend a day with him working on the closed mouth kiss. Not peck, but like a step above it. I think you know what I mean.


Devon said...

someone is falling in crush and is loving LA! i'm jealous! have fun and be safe baby, we go way back.

Will said...

Haha yes! you definitely have to train the boys how to kiss. Even if they're experienced, everyone likes it a little differently.

dannie said...

so cute! i like your typos :]

Doug said...

Aww that's darn cute!
But yes, the CPR kiss is a problem that I've encountered recently. A day spent working with him on that will be well worth spent.

And thanks for the recommendation on the book! I'll definitely take a look at that :)

Luuworld said...

boy needs to learn how to smooch!