Monday, September 21, 2009


These are the most interesting keyword searches that lead to my blog:

i want to eat gay asian shit
i am awkward berkeley
how to hook up with friends at a party

It makes me wonder what I'm really writing about and what sort of advice am I giving.


Two keyword searches that caught me off guard:

"christopho west hollywood"

Hmm someone is stalking me. Yay!


"site: kevin"

Someone is interested in all my entries about "kevin." Very strange as there isn't a Kevin that's consistent in my life.

Stole this from Cakalusa:
hyuck hyuck. Almost as funny as YouTwitFace
"I'm the Asian!"


Shout out to Kitoshi for @ing my blog in his twitter. Nicccceeeeee


Dru said...

LOL, I read your blog all the time dude.. you just don't know >.> btw this is Kitoshi

Kevin Y. Wong said...

Hm. Well, I found your blog ages ago by searching myself, and found this entry today by doing the same. But I didn't do the 'Kevin' search you mentioned. Mysterious!!