Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Too Early to Tell

I think it's interesting when folks congratulate you or say that they're happy for you when you tell them that you are dating someone. I guess we spend our whole lives looking for our lobster and when we get even close, it cause for celebration.
I'm not saying that this guy is my lobster, but he's really a good guy that I want to continue to get to know. But I can't help but feel selfish when I think about others in my past or still cruise for other dateable people.

Is that to say that I'm not ready to be committed. I guess that's a sign. Or maybe I'm not not that willing to give him 100% of me because I don't want to settle.

But maybe a more logical reasoning is that it's still new. But I would expect that if it's new, there would be more excitement and hope. It's a possibility that I've been disappointed way too often that I've prepared myself. Likewise, it just might take me longer to get there.

Either way, he's an amazing chef and made me halibit dinner last night. We snuggled on a couch while watching the Travel channel until his roommate came home; just how my ideal Tuesday should be spent.

I said to him, "Tuesday, is our day... I'll be over for dinner next week" and passionately kissed him good bye. He doesn't make my heart skip a beat, but he warms my tummy and makes me smile and I shouldn't be in such a hurry to see fireworks...


In reguard to the Video that I posted below: It makes me excited to see my peers create a piece that can be relateable to Gay Asians in college. That on screen kiss is a big deal because it creates presence. Gay Asians will feel a part of something, understanding that the issues they face may not be as unique as they once thought. And that feeling love is normal.

Cheers to that.


dannie said...

how cute!! you two have a day :]

Gauss Jordan said...

I feel like I'm ~2 dates behind you... and watching to see what happens, and what I should do. :-)

Damien said...

cute...makes me want a boyfriend