Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March Recap!

Well more like... what's been going on lately with pictures.
OO March was good. This weekend is a Disneyland trip with my high school friends.
Hehe. love it.

Today I had lunch with my friend since middle school.
We ate at Florentine off Blossom. Cute and delicious. :D She always makes me smile. I love catching up!

Sunday: We played ROCK BAND! I love singing MY SherONA!!! And hiked the foothills. Ironically, Zto had problems climbing the tree even though he was the tallest.

Saturday Night: We went to Matt's 30th birthday. I don't know about you, but that's OLD!
Look at the alcohol stash, apparently 30 year olds don't play with Pov Pov or Smyrnoff.

Aww! My old roommate Will!

Saturday Evening: Omogari Korean Food. The mystery has been solved. Korean food is actually very delicous. Especially the waiter, I mean the noodle dish.

Saturday DAY: MoAny bought Sprinkles Cupcake mix so we had a delcious easter baking session with smoothies.

Friday: March Dragon . God was punishing me by preventing my hair from looking good and having any game. sigh. There's my favorite waitress from Denny's. If you're ever at the Denny's on Blossom, request Rebecca, SHE IS AMAZING! And me and Huan in front of a GO GO Dancer. I felt bad for him because people were touching all of his bits.

March 17: Badmitton. I really sucked. But I stilled tried at the San Jose State gym. I wanted to take a team picture, but I forgot, damn.
March 15: Adventures in the Eastbay. Pictures to come!

March 12: Thai Food with Jen!

March 7-9: SoCal Trip with My Boiz!
March 1: CPK. I like this group picture.

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