Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Investing in Your Looks

Sometimes I feel that when someone is attractive, they're attractive all the time; whatever their hair looks like or whatever clothes they wear. For instance, models can wear trash bags and still love very attractive, I guess because that's their job.

But check this dude out I found on downelink because I was lonely, bored, lame.

I guess in his case, he's more attractive without clothes and a nice Korean haircut. It makes me wonder how much better folks would look if they knew how to dress (or not dress) and how to do their hair.

Maybe I should get into the LA stereotype and take care of my body, buy ridiculously expensive fashionable clothing and get haircuts that cost more than 8 dollars so that my head doesn't look lopsided.

HAH, FUCK THAT! My roommate is cutting my hair today and I'm looking forward to the intimate time vs. the cut itself. "Cut my hair, I trust you." Plus, I'm going to save that money for alcohol.


Sam finished cutting my hair and I LOVE IT!

I have an aggressive bang and clean sides. You can tell it was home done because the edges are jagged. But I think it's charming. I haven't been able to take a good picture, but it basically looks like this:

lol. sort of.


Will said...

I spend more on my hair than I probably should...

What's this downelink you kids keep talking about? I feel like I missed that one entirely.

Luuworld said...

don't start buying expensive outfits! over the top vanity is definitely not sexy. i think it's a big turn off, actually. spending it on food and getting drunk is much better! :-D

dannie said...

don't spend all your money on clothes especially something you might only wear a few times during the season then it's outdated. you're better than that =P

Anonymous said...

That picture of the dood in downelink isn't really him. He's a Korean boyband singer, so let him be that way. Hahaha!

His name is Ajoo. wuhoo