Sunday, September 20, 2009

At a Good Pace.

Three dates, in Gay Time... we are have been dating for a month.
After three dates, I've established that we are going at warp speed. I think it's a gay thing to rush into something... but it's also a gay thing to be uncommunicative and noncommittal. Maybe it's not a gay thing, but rather... a guy thing... and the formal is a girl thing? But these are just my own notions of how particular genders are supposed to behave... Yada yada.

Needless Infatuation of Meat Heads
We spent a day at the beach together and he taught me how to boogy board properly at Huntington Beach. Huntington Beach is loaded with guys with beautiful bodies. He seemed to be obsessed particularly with White guys with hot bodies, I stubbornly suggested that there is nothing interesting about someone so vanilla. And this infatuation with white dudes obviously makes him feel inadequate as a short Asian man who will never be as "beautiful and blond."

He agreed, in a way, and told me about a time he tried to talk to one of them and had a hard time extracting substance. What I'm trying to say is that- sure it's nice to look at: beef cake maddness, but I think cute face/personality trumps hot body and douchey white boys from the OC who are "hot" on the outside won't do it for me baby. I'm over feeling inadequate because I don't have an overrated six pack (says the fat kid who keeps eating out). Plus.. their large muscley bodies would consume mine... no thank you, I'd like to fit into your arms properly and not feel like something you can just put in your pocket.

Pudge is the new Six Pack.

Sleeping Over
The other night at 12:30am, he abruptly got out of my bed and said, "I'm sorry, I need to sleep in my own bed." Slightly offended, I didn't try to keep him. Compared to my modest lifestyle in a poorly insulated attic, his catalogue style furnished apartment looks like a model home with a immaculate bed with throw pillows. Why WOULD you sleep anywhere else? His defense, "I guess I'm not used to sleep over at other boys' place" was a nice recovery.

So, I slept over at his place last night and he told me that he slept better with me there in his extravagant bed that has a boxspring among other things that I wouldn't put money on.

I've made him selfconscious about the way he swallows my face whole when I go for a kiss. His kiss became unnatural to appease me (which I hated), but eventually, we found a compromise- I realize should have happened naturally.

Checking Others Out
The night before we were at a club and I asked him if he was checking out any guys, he said yes and told me that he felt bad... as if he wasn't allowed to check out anyone else while around me. Poppycock! I responded, "you shouldn't feel bad, you should point them out and we can check them out together." Once again, honesty is the sexiest thing you can offer me. But of course, the guys he selected where white with uninteresting features and ho hum mannerisms. God, give me some color. It makes me wonder if he's really attracted to me.

What I like
He told me that it's important that he dated someone who loves the beach. I raised my hand in excitement. "That's Me!" He invited me over sometime this week so that he can cook me dinner. "I'll be there!" And he told me that he had a really good weekend with me. He asked me what we were very slickly in conversation and I responded, "We're seeing each other??? talking... something non-committed." He smiled.... and was surprisingly satisfied with that answer. I think I'm scared of investing all of myself, but he's been the only guy that's kept my interest.

Third date does not equal third base. I'd like to put the breaks on that and cruise for a while... I like him. This is a good steady pace.


Alex C. said...

Sounds promising dear!


Will said...

CUUUTE! He sounds so sweet.

The sleeping over thing is pretty common, I think. I have trouble going to sleep in unfamiliar beds at first. You just... gotta get him more familiar with your bed, lol.

dannie said...

i can't sleep in other people's bed, im too aware of them next to me. he sounds like a good guy, idk about the whole checking out white guys thing though.

Damien said...

I'm so behind on your blog that I can only dedicated myself to one short section per