Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Touchy Drunk

Ugh. West Hollywood three weeks in a row and I stayed well behaved. Aside from a bacon wrapped hotdog.

Nope, never have I made out at the club... But I do get touchy feely. As in... I'll hug the shit out of you.

Why do we even go? Same reason why I went to Dragon, to see club friends and give hugs and kisses.

Thanks to James Z. there are a dozen very unflattering pictures of me on the facebook for all to see. Most of which are pictures of me hugging people aggressively. I confirmed that his privacy settings were, "ONLY friends" can view. Hopefully, he's not direct friends with coworkers.

It was also thanks to James Z. that I have a new hairchive. Please enjoy a very ugly picture of me.



The Bull Dyke!

Can we say rug muncher?


thwany said...

omg that dyke looks scary.

letopho said...

I hope you see it in your nightmares