Sunday, September 13, 2009

Epic Weekend with the Boys on Labor Day!

My boys came down to visit me and to get away from the bay.

When the trip was over and they returned home, they told me that they were really glad to be back in the bay. Gee Thanks Guys.

But it’s true. Living in LA is difficult and even with my extensive planning, max efficiency is basically impossible to achieve in a city that’s so spread out and so dense.

The trip started rough: Stuck in traffic for 30 minutes because I didn’t think to check the Hollywood Bowl route and then chasing down the Korean Taco Truck (literally), but failing because the line was way too long and ending up at some random Thai restaurant when we could have gotten something more interesting.

Late to Weho we found ourselves doing a lot of drinking, but not a lot of dancing. In fact, most of the social activity happened in the streets.

I wore my American Apparel white gray striped shirt that everyone seemed to own.
Not exactly the same, but same idea.

Last year, we stayed in the same hotel where MoaNy and I threw up in Pots thick enough to resemble soup. This year, we drank less syrup and more top shelf and with a delightful buzz, I started my squat and pose for pictures trend.

I put my arm around people so their faces become distorted and as a result I become more attractive. Try it.

Somehow we joined some LA boys at a diner. While they shared their apple crisp and side of eggs… my boys ordered Nachos, Pancakes, Chicken Wings, Onion rings… and ate everything.

“Um … do you want my toast?” An LA boy offered Szeto. Szeto nodded his head quickly. Sorry LA, kids from the Bay don’t have to go the beach, “we depend on our personality” Mony commented. And we shoveled more food in our mouths.

I think one of them excused themselves to throw up in the bathroom. Yeah LA!

And something funky is going on with Szeto and Joe. Hmm.


Saturday was supposed to be recovery, but it was more exhausting

A banana in Szeto's pants. Yes. And a "spa" the size of a lap pool. Interesting.

Drove to Long Beach where I believe MoANy was happiest during the trip- because we were in Cambodia town! And he used his native tongue: "cluck cluck cluck cluck beef skewers cluck."

“Is there anything to do besides food in Cambodia town” Mony asked the waiter.
“Not really.”
“Well, at least there’s Karaoke.”
“There is no Karaoke.” The waiter was quick and gay and tried to get us to go to a Cambodian night club.

Instead, we found ourselves at Guppies. Szeto over here order the “Super Shaved Ice" which was basically ice cream for 20. Too bad there was only 4 of us.

That's fail #1

We barely dented it so we asked the waitress to bend the left over fruits to make the best smoothie ever.

I had initially planned a trip to the Long Beach Aquarium. But we decided to go back to our Beverly Hills hotel and diarrhea all that condensed milk out.

The boys' stomachs' were in trouble. For Dinner, I took them to a Taiwanese place 40 minutes away. We ordered what I thought to be good dishes, “Shitterlings.” Was listed on the menu… “this whole meal tasted like “shitterlings” commented the boys. “But at least there’s Yogurt SojuSzeto ordered with out realizing that a pitcher was $25. So we made him drink 2/3s of the pitcher. Fail #2.

Taiwanese food's pride and joy: Stinky tofu did not please Joe so we planned to getting better food else where.. The Socal boys from the night before joined us. "What are you guys doing after?"

“In & Out Burger!"

They didn't respond, just stared. I enjoyed shocking the LA boys with our fatty habits.

Szeto had his own Yogurt Soju buzz at In&Out Burger and started dancing.


My favorite day with the boys was Sunday. Realizing that all the food I was making them eat was constipating them or giving them the runs and all the places I wanted to take them exhausted them- we did two things on Sunday: nap and watch a movie in the hotel room.

Though, we did eat at some interesting and quick places: Tribal CafĂ© by my house and Mario’s Peruvian Seafood. I reminded the boys to lower their expectations and they sang in harmony, “Looooweerrred Expactations” mimicking the MadTV Sketch about dating.

Check out this slut. “Her legs are more open for business than yours Chris!” Dang.. that’s wide!

DAMN GIRL. Looks like she wants to show you HER Peruvian Seafood... Ceviche!

Instead of going to a Foam party in my neighborhood and chancing herpes, we planned to go somewhere that was guaranteed a good time: WeHo.. sigh... again.

The boys made Sangria and we were ready to simply dance and be drunk.

At the Abbey. Joe was given dollars to put in his favorite go-go dancer's undies. He was being shy. The dancer knew, and when joe looked to his left, there was the dancer's ass on Joe's shoulder. Well there you have it.

Of course: Bacon wrapped hotdogs.

But that wasn't enough. After taking the cab home, we ran to a grocery store and had some microwave Pizza Rolls and Quesidilla. Nom nom nom... ass explosion!

We thought it would be nice to put an Asian touch to the tip. All I got to say is, brilliant.


Monday was simple: Breakfast at Denny’s and a easy and stress free ride to the airport.

The boys seemed relieved to get away from LA.

Bay Area kids HATE LA. But it makes sense. In LA, even when you’re hanging out, you have to be somewhere doing something, allotting time for traffic, saving money for parking. In the bay- You roll out when you feel like it… parking is nothing to worry about and you’re not coughing up a lung because the pollution is so bad. Joe's boogers were everywhere and he stole about tissue boxes from the hotel.

I was stressing to entertain when really, it's just hanging out, being silly, making fun of each other.. visiting me is all they really "needed" to do. I love the boys. Next time they come again (probably not for a while.) I'm going to take them to eat Korean Burritos AT the restaurant and then WeHo. They seem to be happy when it's simple... and I was happy they made such a grand effort to hang out with me.... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


thwany said...

omg, that shaved ice looks intense.

and yay for your friends.

X said...

"cluck cluck cluck cluck beef skewers cluck."


Alex C. said...

Sorry LA, kids from the Bay don’t have to go the beach, “we depend on our personality” Mony commented. And we shoveled more food in our mouths.

LOL! Horrible!


dannie said...

hahaha bay boys definitely know how to eat tho i'm craving some socal stuff