Monday, June 30, 2008

End of June Recap

When ever I do these entries, I'm reminded of VH1's "I Love the ___"

June was an interesting month. A lot of lows, but I'm hoping that June was just the concluding chapter for this part of my life.

The last two weeks of June would have been amazing. I thought I was getting out of the slump that I was in, but then I get that remark in my Honesty Box. Like, seriously.

Fuck you.

Maybe it was a test: "Christopher, have you become a stronger person? Have you really learned to move on? Are you done asking for pity... if not from others, but from yourself?... well just to make sure... here is an asshole comment in your honesty box that I know will hurt your soft heart. A nice kick in your balls... spit on you while you're down. Yeah! Man up. Sensitive people get stepped on and I am enjoying this. YOU SUCK CHRISTOPHER, YOU ARROGANT PIECE OF SHIT!!!"


It's like road rage. I'm sorry I'm such a terrible driver; I'm trying my best, okay? Is all that honking necessary? Can't we just all go to the Zoo and relax? Let's just all have self-serve yogurt for 30cents an ounce with mochi and calm down. If you don't like me, just get in the right lane. Geez.

Anyway. No more misfortunes, bad choices and hate mail. Let the rest of 2008 be nice.

June 21: San Diego
After the beach. I discovered Hillcrest. I went shopping on my own and got hot speedo swimsuit and a nice hoody jacket. Hillcrest is an amazing gay district. It's like a subdued West Hollywood were people are more chill. Gotta take the boys here. That night we went to the Whistlestop, which is the cool Indie-Electropop sort of place. Someone there was making fun of the way I was dancing. Everyone was smoking. And I was tired. I was totally out of my element! But I loved being somewhere new! Poor Dholla always goes gay clubbing! It's time to go electroPOP! :D

Sandy made that dress!

June 22:More of my Favorite Girls
I bused to Caitlin's Graduation and had lunch with her at PF Chang's. I've never been there, but ALL my friends warned me about that place. "IF you want over-priced, Americanize insult to Chinese cooking, than be my guest." I read in a book that the way PF Chang's is decorated in front with Stone Soliders is parallel to a Chinese Cemetery. Eh. I've never been there. It was good, but if you're going to have Chinese... better go to a Chinese place. After all, there are more Chinese restaurants in the US than there are McDonald's and KFC combined. (According to a book I was reading.)

Then I spent some time with my Middle School friend, Jen. We did what she usually does in sunny San Diego: watch movies! We watched Awake. Which was surprisingly very good. I'm going to have to recommend it! And we had Tarte Tatin. It was delcious! The insides felt like cheese! I LOVE IT!

June 27: Cousin's 30th Birthday
I missed out on Dragon to hang out with my family. My cousin who turned 30 is truly blessed. She got a warehouse south of Downtown and hosted a dinner and dancing party. Her family and her Salsa Dancing team came out. The warehouse was gorgeous and the DJ was pretty good. I got hyphy and stood in awe at the site of her salsa dancing friends take the floor.

Her husband sang a surprise song while playing the guitar. It was truly romantic.

June 28: SF House Warming Party
I was being fickle again. I was going to take a shit load of public transportation, but concluded that having a car in the city was the best idea. Before hitting the town, Mony and I checked out a random plaza at Silver Creek and Aborn. There we found a market with GIANT Jack fruit. I read this sign out loud in Vietnamese and the the guy next to me was impressed. He was being friendly and told me about the Mangosteens that were exposed to radiation to kill bugs. Random!

We made it to the city and had some okonomiyaki in Japan town. Delicious!

We had left overs and I gave it to a homeless guy under some stairs. He was genuinely appreciative. DOn't throw away food! Give it to homeless.

Mony and I checked out my friend's house warming party then headed to the pink party which was a GIANT disappointment. Thousands of aimless people in the castro. WTF. We got out of there ASAP... and Michelle tried to warn strangers not to go! Good job Michelle! One of my friends ran into their cousin. "OMG is that my cousin?!" My friend approached him and he was nervous. Apparently he was in the closet. Okay. Don't hate me, but I wasn't thinking. I ran up to them, put my arm around my friend and shouted, "BUSTED!!!!" To their cousin. He got more scared... and awkwardly walked away. OOPS. Shit. Way to go. -.0

We ended up going back to my friend's house warming party and I had a blast reconnecting with some long lost high school friends.

Nurse, Dentist to be and a Grad Student in Ethnic studies. My hs friends are hot!

One of the girls let Mony try to unlatch her bra with one hand while she made moaning sounds. I couldn't stop laughing! Hahaha. She said that it's HOT when guys can do it with ONE hand. SO PRACTICE you Straighties!

June 29: Pride
Before we went to pride. We got breakfast at The Pork Store on Haight and Ashbury! So much food! I love biscuits and gravy and the pork chops weren't bad either!

I've been to pride so many times. But this time was different because I was on a mission: Get Margaret Cho's Autograph! We waited in the cold at the API Stage in the VERY front; watched some interesting performances. When she got up there, she entertained the people who waited to see her. She knows how to work the crowd! And we saw her orange underwear One of the funny things she said was that she wasn't a fag hag because she likes to hang out with Bears... So they should call her Goldilocks! HAHA.

When her short appearance concluded, Michelle urged me to chase her to get her autograph. I was SO FREAKING SHY!! She put on her hoodie and started to walk fast. We chased her. Michelle said to me, "JUST GO! SHE'S NICE!" But I couldn't I was two feet away, but I couldn't ask. Michelle pushed me aside and moved forward. "Excuse me" She poked Margaret's elbow, "My friend would like an autograph!" Margaret responded, "sure!" And I handed her my DVD and a pen! I put my arm around her and said, "I love you, you are wonderful." She said thank you and dashed away to some VIP event.


June 30: Kaiser
I got my blood drawn so that I can be a volunteer at my Kaiser. I hate needles. I was getting an anxiety attack. But the nurse said, "you'll be fine." To my surprise, they drew blood with this contraption that automatically extracts the fluid through the needle. Last time I got blood drawn, it was manual. The syringe was huge and the nurse was using her tiny fingers to pull up on the end of the needle. Thank goodness methods have improved.

July is looking up. I'm considering Grad school in Counselling. Why? Because I realize that I am "good with people." But not in the business world. I am "humanitarian" as my cousin would say. I like to listen. I try to care. I think this is something I want to pursue.

And craigslist boy is turning out to be a cool guy. Though I'm amused that no one's really asked me about him. I guess meeting people on Craigslist is supposed to be hush-hush. Whatever. He told me, that what he likes about me is that I'm not all about sex. Well... cuz I wanted COFFEE! God damn. Though he also told me that that is why he responded to my ad. Because he posted an ad a while back just asking to chill (similar to mine). Sometimes, you just want to make friends out of your network... and just go from there.

I'm crossing my fingers that he doesn't kill me and bury me with tomatos.

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