Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Shirt Spoke to Me

Yesterday at the mall I walked into Banana Republic.

I immediately gravitated to a button up shirt that had orange, brown and yellow stripes. The shirt in front of me was the perfect size and when I put it on I felt like a million bucks.

I looked at the price tag: $69.00. That would make it the most expensive shirt that I own. I looked at Mony for advice. "Don't get it." "But I like it." "Then get it, done."

I was only mildly hesitant and examined the shirt. I found a loose thread. If I'm going to drop 70 bucks, it has to be perfect. I went to find another shirt, but the one in my hand was the LAST small.

I went to the register to pay. "$54." I was confused.
"Hey guys! It was 20 bucks off!" Apparently there was a sale...

it was meant to be.

(Trying out the goatee look.. and I still have a subtle faux hawk)

It's rare that I find clothes that I see and immediately like.

I realize that I go through phases

Tie Phase- Back in high school... I have like 30 ties, most of which are hideous
Bermuda Shorts Phase- They are SO ugly, I must have them
Board Shorts Phase- I have a full rainbow (minus orange, and my green went missing)
Cool Socks Phase- Why neglect my feet? And Szeto impresses me with his footwear
White Jeans Phase- Jackie Chan can pull it off, why not me?
Basket Ball Shorts Phase- I like looking sporty.

I realize though, that I'm impressionable when it comes to clothes. If someone says it looks good on me, I'll buy it (if the price is right). My cousin got me a shirt from H&M that she loves. ALL my boys thought I looked like a hot tranny mess. I bought a shirt that TonyIDM liked... and no one else really liked it either. Hmm, and I was starting to believe that I have NO taste is clothes what so ever... besides the clothes from Middle school that I still wear. But this Banana Republic Shirt proves otherwise.

I feel sexy in it.

Below are my favorite articles of clothes.
Shorts from Target.
The Shirt from Banana
Shorts from Aeropostle (I wore them out so much there are holes in the ass = x)
Tshirt from Vietnam


dannie said...

the shirt looks big on you.

letopho said...

Dannie: You're a Debbie Downer.