Monday, June 23, 2008

Giraffes Run Away From Me

Before I talk about my So Cal vacation, I need to talk about my Safari Adventure!

MoAny got me a ticket to a Safari up in Marin county. I got so excited that I went to Micheal's to find some Safari hats. There were four left. PERFECT! So I bought the hats and some stickers so that we can personalize them on the 1.5 hour drive there and be the coolest big kids at the Safari.

We went to June Dragon the night before... and struggled to wake up early for the trip. I brought a mist machine so we can cool down under the hot "African Sun," but forgot it at Joe's. The weather channel said it would be 80 degrees, nice. We were all dressed in Tshirt and shorts and I grabbed some frozen otter pops, yum!

Tomtom (GPS System) said we were going to be 10 minutes late, but Zto (speed racer) got us there 10 minutes early. To our horror it was f-cking cold and overcast.

Here we are: four gay boys in shorts and small Safari hats made for children while parents and children were dress in warm attire because they knew that they weren't really going to Africa. To top it off, I had frozen otterpops in my cargo pockets and the women next to me was laughing.

The sun refused to come out and we were all shivering!

We grab some seats on the rickety jeep. The guide opened the gate and we drove toward the giraffes!!! EEEEEE!!!! The jeep in front of us got a face full of giraffe attention. With it's majestic long neck, the giraffe poked into the jeep. I prepared myself by asking to sit on the top seat of the jeep and getting my camera out to make a video of my Giraffe encounter!

But as we approached the giraffe, it ran away. It probably sensed me coming and was scared. The guide continued to lecture about the giraffes at the reserve. The horns on top of the giraffe's head were called ossicones. OoooO. I wish I had ossicones... I also wised that the giraffes weren't scared of me. Though I got to see a baby giraffe and it's mom for far away. Aww.

I was a bit sad for the rest of the Safari because I was cold and the giraffe ran away, and Joe and Szto sat separately from me and MoAn because I wanted to see the giraffes up close and couldn't rearrange the seating arrangement! Arg!

There were other interesting animals: an ostrich who scared the shit out of me because it was peaking the jeep, pretty birds, a lazy cheetah, and zebras who just stand there and blend in. The guide did a good job at keeping us entertained; told us some interesting African stories about some of the animals. According to the guide, "God made wildebeests out of all of the parts left over from other animals. They have a mule’s face, a bison’s horns, a goat’s beard, a horse’s mane, tail, and body, and an antelope’s legs. Cool!

There was buffet lunch waiting for us and I devoured many ribs! I was hoping for elephant meat, but no, just chicken and cow. boring!! I had a good time just being on an adventure with my boys even though we were tired and cold and the giraffes were scared of me. We took some fun shots and drove home and had a lazy Saturday.

Thanks MoAn for planning the whole trip and getting my ticket. YAY Safari! Boo doing boring things!


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