Friday, June 6, 2008

I Met a Rockstar

Today I drove to my DUI School consultation.

Located in downtown was the cheapest school: $500 for a 3 month program. That's right guys, I have to go to this shit once a week for 2 hours at a time for 3 months.

Even though I didn't have my court date, I was advised to take care of this early. So I made an appointment and walked into an office that reminded me too much of Driver's Ed. I was seated with 2 other people. A big black guy with a lip piercing and a 'lid' that matched his green XXL shirt and a Latino girl with a lot of makeup. The DUI facility member went over the procedure, the costs etc. and then called us one by one to set up dates and times.

Then she walked in. Immediately she started talking.

"I'm assuming ya'll are here for the same reason: cuz you're ROCKSTARS!! HEY!"
I couldn't stop smiling. I was trying to sign the contracts and answer the questionnaire, but she caught my attention. She was black, nicely dressed and was loquacious! She started talking to the black dude.

"Man, it's my birthday today"
"You partying hard tonight?"
"I party hard every night.. CUZ IM A ROCKSTAR! HEY!!!... watch you doing tonight."
"Actually, I'm going to the Hip hop concert tomorrow."
"Shoot, I wish I could go, but I have my weekend work program... HAHAHA!" She was referring to the 'community service' that all of us had to serve. "but if it's after 5, I can go."
"All right, what's your number?"
"Let me have yours..."
"sure its []... I'll see yay!"

"I KNEW I WOULD MAKE FRIENDS HERE!" I started to ask about the "weekend work"program. Apparently, it's really crowded and only a few have to serve in the Field. The lucky majority watches a movie for a couple of hours.

"Dude, AGAIN, they don't have my ethnicity here." I was confused, cuz she was black. " I know what you're thinking.. there are MORE than just ONE type of Black person, I am not 'African American. I'm going to put 'other' because I'm proud. I like your make up." She had some strange and amusing form of ADD... and started to talk to the Latino girl.

"Thanks!" The Latino girl answered
"Is it MAC?"
"Yeah. today it is, sometimes it's Bare Essentials" The girls went on about makeup.
The Latino girl got called up.

"It's so unfair, I was only a 0.9... it's cuz I was driving on the wrong side of the road, OOPS.. man i was crying when I saw the red lights"
"Oh man, what was your fine?" I was curious
"1000 something... I guess I should have gotten an attorney"
"no no, that's the minimal! You don't need one because your Blood/Alcohol was low."
"Cool, well, you know.. it's cuz, I'm a ROCKSTAR!"
"Yeah we all are.. WHAT?!" I got into it and 'raised the roof' with her.

"it was my birthday... last weekend when i got pulled over"
"that's cool, YEAH to the Gemini!... Man, I don't know what date to sign up for.. my boss is gonna wonder why I'm late all the time."
"where do you work?" We talked about her job and she told me there were job openings and gave me her E-mail address so she can send me the internal hiring sheet... SWEET!

"so have you been to Cinebar?"
"yeah! That's a cool place, the drinks are hard!"
"yeah, that's where I got messed up.... do you go to temple?"
"yUp! That place is cool too!... but I usually don't remember where I go!.. man, this one time, I was trying to get into Splash, but they wouldn't let me in because they said I was too drunk! But the girl behind me who threw up everywhere got in! They were discriminated because I don't like girls, But hey, I get more dick then any of them.. CUZ IM A ROCKSTAR!"

I could NOT stop smiling.

"man I can't believe this happened... "
"it's just unlucky i guess."
"well you know, work hard, party harder!"
"dat's right!" I got a little ghetto for no reason. Ghetto? Fobby? ... Ghobby.
"I'm sort of excited for these classes. I know I'm going to meet party people just like me..!!"

My name got called.
"that's me"
"well, I'll catch you later."
"I'll email you" and for SOME weird reason I winked.
"ooo heeyyyyyy!!!!!" she was amused

And I left to set up my dates and payment. OH MY GoD. I loved her so much.
She really was a rockstar. And.. I didn't feel so unfortunate because it was just a mistake... that everyone makes. "This punishment is just something that they do to make you feel guilty, like you did something REALLY bad and you won't do it again... but it was just a mistake... we're all just people..."

Yeah.. we are all just people, but some of us... are ROCKSTARS!!

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dannie said...

wow, i can't believe you remember all that convo. i felt her ADD-ness through your entry.