Thursday, June 5, 2008

Time to Leave

I've decided that after everything is ironed out with my attorny today, I am going to fly to New York and visit Nick for a week.

Then I'm going to fly to So Cal to see what the whole big deal is with "Wicked" with ALysia. Then I'm going to go to Caitlin and Diana's graduation in San Diego.

I mean... right now, I feel like I'm under house arrest. Scared of driving. Scared of.. the outside. Crying in bed like a little child who thinks the world sucks because his parents won't give him his favorite toy.

SO I got my DUI on June 1, it's June 5. Five days of wallowing and lashing out on people who care about me... five days of napping and feeling miserable. Five days, too much.

AND, if I can somehow do DUI school in another way, I am going to Vietnam, cuz well. I love it there... and I need a break.

But of course, this is after the Safari Adventure in Santa Rosa that MoAny bought for me and my BOYS on June 14! YEaH! YEAH YEAH! Happy Birthday to Me! <3

By the way. Don't Drink and Drive.

(2003, Senior 6 Flags Trip... I really don't look like that now, thank god)


dannie said...

have fun with the travelling!! it sounds exciting.

J. said...

sorry to hear about the dui.
happens the the best of us.
if anything, i think i need the aa classes more than you.
you've seen me..
all bad.
ive been to that safari place you're going to :]
the day i went, most of the animals decided not to come out. booo
but the safari car ride is the best :]
hope you enjoy your travels and get some time to replenish yourself.
love ya!