Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tila Tequila Makes My Life Easy

My mom asked me to pick up my 16 year old brother from school. Then she told me about the argument she had with him last night regarding the show, "A Shot At Love" with Tila Tequila. Before she could elaborate she had to go.

I picked up my little brother.

"So I heard you had an argument with mom and dad last night. What happened?"
"... well Mom doesn't want me to watch the show 'a shot at love.'"
"right... well, it's really sexual"
"Yeah... I think dad has something against gay people."
"why do you say that?"
"cuz.. he said he didn't want me to watch girls kissing girls or guys kissing guys. And I asked what about girls kissing guys... and he said that's fine."
"Yeah. I was like, 'are you worried I may be gay?"
"And what did dad say?"
"I told him that I know I'm straight and this show doesn't affect me..."
"Well.. I dunno, TV shows always affect people."
"Even IF i was gay.. that would be okay, you know?"

"Um... I think that he's concerned because, I'm gay..."
"you are.. "
"oh.. I sort of knew"
"Yeah.. well, I'm obvious"
"But... no, it's cool!"
"yeah.. well dad doesn't know, well, I'm sure he knows, but I haven't told him to confirm anything. You know? He would cry for days. So that's why he's just worried about this show."

Heh. That was easy. Thanks Tila for helping me come out to my brother.

Tila is so useful:


Regarding the argument that I was not able to participate in.
My brother told me that Mom got all up in his face. He reasoned that it was because he was rude. I told him that these types of arguments you can't win. So why even talk back and dig yourself a "crater" (as he put it).

Then he told me the ridiculous things that my mom and dad told him:
-He can't watch anyone who's over 21
-TV should be for educational purposes

This is ridiculous because my parents diliberately put the big screen TV in his room... WHAT do they expect?!


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mich said...

oh my god... that Tila video is SO FUNNY.