Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Vacation From My Downward Spiral of a Life

Thursday, June 19

I took the Vietnamese bus (Xe Do Hoang) to LA and it was a cultural experience. For $35 I got to LA at 2pm after leaving East San Jose at 8:30AM. Everyone was given a free Vietnamese Sandwich and were entertained by Paris By Night, a Vietnamese American Musical, Variety show playing on the tiny TV. I watched a skit about a gay roommate, watched an interview with Hung (winner of Top Chef) and got teary eyed while watching a contemporary dance piece called Hue Saigon Hanoi that took the fall of Vietnam to a very emotional level. I was sad that the guy next to me wasn't very talkative, but I had a good time being surrounded by people who could potentially be related to me. If you ever need to go to LA. Check out Xe Do Hoang!

Aaron picked me up from my crime plagued bus stop and we met up with Alysia in Pasadena! There we had 21 Choices, found a book about breasts and had happy hour at Yard House.

At Yard House, if you say you're the designated driver, they will give you a free soda and a wristband. I didn't have my ID on me anyway so I gestured to the waitress that I was the DD and she offered me the gifts for my "good decision." It was irony all over the table.

That evening we checked out Wicked! The musical. I wasn't an avid fan, but I was thoroughly impressed! The singing was spot on! And it was my first time ever at a professional musical. We were lucky to have binoculars so that we can see the facial expressions of the actors. And to checkout the hot Asian guy. Rawr. Alysia had a headache so we didn't take that many pics. :(

Friday, June 20

Poor Nick. He drove me around LA :D. He took me out to Japantown LA (which was similar to Japantwon SF), but everything was closed so we headed to Hollywood. I think Hollywood is like a developing country. It's ghetto, but largely funded by tourism and production of goods (celebrities). I insisted that we eat at Musso and Frank Grill, Hollywood's OLDEST restaurant. I thought it would be an experience, but when I saw the menu, the prices were absurd. It wasn't crowded at all and the only ones there were rich looking white people. I suggested that we bounce, but Nick said we should stay just to experience it.

$14 "Spaghetti"

We got the cheapest thing on the menus, but it was still ridiculously priced: Spaghetti and a Turkey Sandwich- $34. No refills on soda and my turkey sandwich was like eating desert.

Gah. Oldest Restaurant needs to close down soon.
For dinner, Alysia and I looked up something "refreshing" in her area on yelp and found this cute Burmese place called Yoma Myanmar. The reviews said, "Don't go here unless you speak Burmese." Another read, "everything is doused in oil!" But with nothing really to lose, we checked it out.

The restaurant was quaint and we gestured "2" to the man reading the newspaper. He started to speak in some strange tongue. After realizing that we were not Burmese he explained that he was a customer and waved for the owner.
We sat down and the owner asked us if it was our first time. We said yes, and she proceeded to go over the menu. But instead of making recommendations or explaining dishes, she pointed to the appetizers and said, "these are the appetizers." Then she pointed to the curry list and said, "this is the curry." She did this until she went over the entire clearly labeled menu!

We ordered. and Finished. The surprise dish that she brought out was delicious and as I pointed to it I said, "What is this called, it is delicious!" To this she responded confidently, "6.50." I explained myself, "no no.. what's it called? Chicken.. Potato...." She nodded and said, "Yes! Chicken and potato!" I was going to give it one more shot. "Yes, Chicken and potato.. what? Curry?" She continued to smile. "Chicken and potato curry!"

I gave up. But I was satisfied. The oily dishes disagreed with Alysia's stomach.

Outside was a man riding a bike with a rice hat. I loved it.

On the drive to San Diego, Alysia got thirsty. Really thirsty. She made me hold her big gulp that wouldn't fit in the cup holder. GAH.

We arrived and hung out with Diana and the boy. We played Pictionary Telephone at her friend's place. A person writes something, and hands it to the left. That person attempts to draw it and passes it to the left. The next person writes what he thinks it is.. etc. The results are usually Hilarious, but this one was more erie because the statement that was impossible to draw came around full circle!

I also played with Diana's Gimp Cat. Alysia thinks I'm cruel to animals. But I think she likes me:

Saturday, June 20
Who has a graduation at 8AM?! Diana does!

The student speaker was awful. She was speaking like an alien with a forced smile and over pouncing everything. Everyone laughed. Poor girl.

It was hot, but good thing I had a mister (mist machine, not a mister) to keep us cool.

Diana and her friends are cool cats who pretended to graduate from Mechanical Engineering so that they can sit together. Diana wrote that her name was "D- Ha Luh" but the idiot name reader said, "D- Halloooo" LOL!

This lady, who is clearly Hispanic is also wearing a rice hat. I was beyond amused!

After we headed to Pizza Port for some Pizza and Beer. And then to a wonderful local beach (Fletche's Cove). The water was just the right temperature!

more to come......

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