Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Two Attorneys, two different approaches.

I've been talking to this one attorney. He picks up all my calls, spends so much time on me, answers all my questions. He's a family guy, patient, seemingly trustworthy. His appeal is that he has only experience in defense. I've talked to this guy everyday. He's more than willing to give me a financial break. He has excellent follow up. But why does he have so much free time? I almost signed the contract with him.

I've been trying to get a hold of this second attorney, but have only reached his secretary. I finally got a hold of him today. My cousin's friend recommends him. He sold me based on his one page literature alone (great marketing). His experience is in prosecution. Now as a defender, he argues that he knows what the other side is thinking and has an established relationship with them. He works only in first time offenders. He sounds too good to be true. But I doubt that if I would be able to contact him when I need him. Because he's probably out keeping criminals from being put in jail, (he's that good).

Both have experience. Both deal with DUI. Both cost the same.
Do I want the good guy? or the bad guy?

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