Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Soul Searching

Next to Joe's bed is a 10 gallon water cooler jug filled 1/20 the way with coins. "Whatchu saving up for Joe?" "A house!" He responded. He wasn't kidding, he plans to making that investment in his 20s.

Yesterday, I bought some yogurt with Smyr (who loves Taro, weird) and I was given change. Later in the day, I got an Italian Soda and to my surprise the change from the yogurt was the exact change for the Italian Soda: 64cents.

I love shit like that.

I went out of the way to get cheap gas. To my horror, the tank did not last. I calculated 14 miles a gallon on that tank! ARE THEY DILUTING THE GAS?!!

Yesterday I filled my tank: $70

I hate shit like that.

D.U.I. Class Was Interesting

The theme was "Communication."

What I like about the class is a lot of psychology/sociology basics are covered, I guess, in hopes that we psycho-analyze ourselves and adjust our behavior and become better citizens (who don't break the law)

We reviewed the roles that are assigned to children in the dysfunctional home and then moved on to communication.

"What you say is just a footnote of what you communicate." Of course, this is just another way of saying that "actions speak louder than words."

We spent the majority of the class discussing styles of communication as opposed to watching a video on cholesterol (thank goodness).

And I examined my communication behavior. I concluded that I'm aggressive. I dominate conversations because I'm looking out for "ME." I talk a lot and test people. Initially, I thought I was passive; I accommodate because I'm afraid of rejection. But I'm NOT afraid of rejection. I am afraid of getting hurt.


I asked a boy from DUI class to dinner. I knew him from before and we headed to Japantown. I thought he was cute and tried to send signals while trying to read signals. After dinner, it felt like he was uninterested. You can just tell. And we split the bill down the center. I also felt like I've lost my game. But what was I initially after?

During our conversation, I examined him. His voice was cute, he has some goals... but as a person, can I imagine myself with him? How about, can I imagine myself sleeping with him?

No and yes. And I examined myself: How desperate.

After the ordeal, I called Joe. By the time Joe called me back I had already gotten over it.

I feel as though I am not as confidence as I used to be. But I haven't lost optimism. Darnell (my blog's biggest fan) pointed that out to me. "How do you stay so positive?" Because that's important to me.

You guys may be wondering what I'm doing with my life right now.
My answer is Soul Searching.. and hunting giraffes.


dannie said...

yay!! fan fan :]

do you want to be my soul searching buddy? i think i'm currently at that stage.

moAny said...
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moAny said...

i can't help you with soul searching... only you can do that.. but if i ever take you to the safari again, I will make a giraffe lick you even if it means i gotta wrestle one down.