Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Thoughts.

Date with a Boy.
I met a guy legitimately through a friend while night clubbing. We hit it off and he offered to take me to Griffith Park to watch the meteor shower.

When he picked me up, I discovered that he knew Sam, my future roommate. Of course.

We went to Pink’s Famous hotdog and for the hour wait, I had the worst hotdog of my entire life. Ugh. Famous for being a 70 year old business. Not famous for being good. I wanted a Costco Dog at that point. He informed me that Griffith park was closed so we couldn’t go star gazing. We ended up coming back to my place for a movie that he “conveniently had in his car.” Uh Huh.

I wasn’t very interested in the movie he brought: Stardust and started to fall asleep. He got cute and said, “Get it… Stardust? Since we couldn’t see shooting stars in real life I was thinking we can watch them in the movie.” I started to laugh uncontrollably.

He slept over until 3am. He asked me for a peck on the lips and I complied. It felt nice to kiss again. It was innocent, his mustache is intrusive and needs to be removed and I fell asleep acting goofy and he left me alone because I had work the next day.

*Half Smile*

Move In Situation
I’m absurdly excited for my new place.

It is a fun house! My room is in an Attic in a house that reminds ppl of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” I wonder what magic is in stored. It’s ridiculous. There are hallways that have been turned into closets. Functional doors where they are unneeded and walls that angle at weird degrees for no reason. This one room has 3 walk in closests big enough to be more bedrooms and there are two makeshift stairways. My description does not do it justice. Also, my rent is under 400 without utilities and parking is a cinch! The kid in me exploded with excitement. I started to day dream about making an arcade room, a hookah room, a sex dungeon room. LOL!

And I want to throw a HUGE house party. I hope the Latin family downstairs does not mind.

AND Andy’s family is moving to Taiwan he offered me ALL of his furniture.

PLEASE visit me. I’m so excited… I’m also looking forward to a Foam Party at my local gay bar during Labor Day weekend when MY BOIZZZ come visit me!

Oh Happy day!

This Weekend
I have nothing planned. Time to start exploring my neighborhood.


mich said...

dude. i am not a fan of pink's. but i think it's one of those that you gotta try.

dannie said...

whoa your new place sounds like loads of fun!! hide and seek :]]

Will said...

Lol @ "met a guy legitimately". I'm much more interested in the illegitimate meetups heh.