Saturday, August 22, 2009

Clean, simple...

"I really needed that, I haven't hooked up with anyone since coming to LA."

Apparently folks think I've been sleeping around.
And though I've convinced myself that I don't need it, it was nice to have some

Last night I hooked up with a friend that I've already messed around with before. Since it's a repeat offender, it doesn't affect my numbers and I don't feel like a whore. But it was quite formulated. I showed him a good time in West Hollywood, he showed me a good time in my (subletee's) bed.

My friend was not a moaner, it was difficult to gauge pleasure. I need auditory approval so that I can continue performance. I was pulling all the stops, it's been such a long time and I wanted to get it ALL out of my system, but he was a little more passive for my liking. And by the way, I'm cut, you can't handle me like that! Ouch.

As I got ready for the day this morning, I looked down at his lean body wearing nothing but my basketball shorts. He was really hot- Clean cut, strong jaw, abs, smooth, tattoo on his pec; delicious. ... it was more body contact than anything else.

"Don't tell anyone about this."
"yup!" I replied. I kissed him on the lips, it wasn't returned.
"when you head to the bay, we'll hang out again!!" Heheh, I HOPE SO! I thought.
"I gotta go to a company event, you can let yourself out?
"Yeah, sure."
"Cool." And I was out the door.

Clean, simple, satisfying.

When I returned I found a note on my bed: "Thanks again Buddy!"
"Thanks..?" I chuckled, friends with benefits is an interesting concept.

I guess, I just needed a quick fix and he contacted me. It was appropriate. My other friend described his hook up quota to be once every 6 months. I know some folks that need it weekly and those folks are Filipino. Horny horny Filipinos.


I saw Brent Everett at Fiesta Cantina. Yess, a porn star, yes I recognized him. How was I so sure? His unmistakable forearm tattoo. No camera to take a picture. He was there for the NO on H8 campaign.


Will said...

I think I may be the weekly sort of dude. Specifically Thursdays. Thursdays make me horny. I can't explain it.

Anyway, sounds like you had a hot time.

William said...

oh chris, i miss you.

dannie said...

some people are just rabbits :]