Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hipsters make ugly cool.

Hip Hop, Urban Street Hipsters?

Hip Hop Skinny Jeans and a new dance (old actually). This is out of control!


I feel like Hipsters are the precursor to mainstream culture by reminding folks of old trends that should or should not be resurrected. They (re)start trends months before it catches on by being more experimental with what their wear and what they listen to. They make mainstream question what ugly is at the time. Most things catch on to mainstream.. . such as skinny jeans, headbands, aviators, vests, suspenders, OKGO but some trends have yet to catch on again- mustaches.

And since gay fashion is not mainstream, the hipsters are interested! And soon actually now, everyone’s a little gayer looking.

So technically if I wear skinny jeans, I’m not a hipster.. I’m just trendy (or gay, european, urban, filipino... or a jerk). Especially if I buy it from urban outfitters. If I want to be a hipster I’d do something weird with the skinny jean like…. Tie a turtle neck around my waist. Oh.. and cut a hole in it.

Wikepdia and Urban Dictionary have great “definitions.”

I hope this catches on for the hipsters.


My twin Nate made me a playlist for me to listen to at work.

Love it!

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