Friday, August 7, 2009

July Recap Part I

I'm quite behind in my story telling, but this is my July before I left San Jose for LA.

Fancy pants wine and yogurt with my favorite folks in Santana Row.

Ramen House with Jane (Middle school friend), FINALLY! It was our Hello and good bye. This girl is my age and just invested in a house, OH you consultants straight of college!

Janes favorite condom: "If it tickles your fingers... just imagine your other parts!" Brilliant slogan!

Darnell's birthday at Krung Thai, San Jose's famous Thai Place. Oh look there's the dude from my Clinical Psychology Class.

Yum.. Crab at PPQ Dungeness Island Vietnamese Cuisine with Michelle, Dina and Eunice in San Francisco! Missing these SF ladies!

Michelle starts her new chapter soon too!

Epic High School Family BBQ
I consider myself lucky to have friends from high school that I consider my family. On the 4th of July we had an epic BBQ and invited ALL of our parents! The dads grilled, the moms chatted and later in the day we had a Parents VS Kids FLIP CUP TOURNAMENT!

... the parents won!!!!!!!!!! Shit. They've been doing this for a lot longer!

This was supposed to be high school friends and parents picture, but somehow my boys snuck in! LOL! Always by my side. :] (But I'm gonna have to photoshop this!)

Neil Birthday + Matt Birthday + My Good Bye at Crave!
We had a nice dinner at the Counter in Santana Row (very good Burger Joint!) Killed time at borders and headed to Crave. The week after, Neil had a San Francisco vs. South Bay Gays Flag football tournament: BANANA BOWL!! OMG! I am really bummed i missed out!

At Motif... again. Heh heh, San Jose you try so hard to be cool. And you pass!
Oh South Bay Gays.. I miss you!

I like GoGo dancers who have meat! And Look! My favorite DJ!

Gay boys up to no good.

La Vic's! San Jose's Pride!

Boys in the Bay

1.Cupertino Village with JV
2. Crema with Damien
3. Quick visit to Emeryville to see Huan and Charles
4. Date with Jimmy in San Francisco
5. Pho with Arthur
6. Sandwiches with Kevin

Damien wanted to take me to eat Indian. What he actually took me to was a hidden Indian Temple in the mountains of San Jose. This place called Sri Satya Narayana Swamy Devasthanam. I stepped into a world I didnt know was so close to me.

We were educated on the traditions of Sikhism and we were invited to have a free dinner. Eating on the floor felt so good. And they insisted that we get seconds. The temple is even more beautiful at night. This adventure with Damien made me realize that there is so much we can learn from one another. One of the best experiences of my life. Thanks Damien! ;]

Good Bye dinner with Parents (On dad's Camera) . This place called Grill Em! Where you cook your own steaks. What a terrible idea. I failed. No pictures of the steak, I burned it. lol

During my last few weeks in San Jose, I was able to milk a lot more adventures and see a lot of folks. But...time to develop myself as a person, as an adult. Shit... how do you do laundry again?

Do I miss San Jose? Yes. Looking at these pictures, I realize that I have good friends I've known for years and friends that I am interested in getting to know and learn from, but while being in LA, I realize that San Jose, SF Bay Area is only one small piece of the puzzle. I keep saying this, but I am very lucky that I have some foundation in LA as well to make my transition very very very smooth!

In addition to reconnecting, I have been able to create good friendships from acquaintances.
Part II of July to come!


dannie said...

what an attractive photo you chose of that event lol

Will said...

GASP. We have a mutual friend. I am not telling you who cause I'd be mortified if they knew about my sex blog lol.