Monday, August 3, 2009

Thankful Things are Working Out.

Sleeping Around

I’m very thankful that I can sleep anywhere. It doesn’t take me a night to “adjust to an unfamiliar place,” it takes me a minute to get comfortable. While driving, in lecture, on the wood floor, in jail under a bench. I can sleep.. anywhere. I guess that’s why I’m rumored to “enjoy sleeping around.” (Har har har har).

Last night I moved into my sublet but when I arrived, the guy I was subletting from was still there. He thought I was moving in the next day. I shrugged my shoulders and moved my boxes into the living room and made myself comfortable on the futon. I was thankful I brought a fan, it was too hot. Though, I would have definitely been more comfortable sharing his bed (this guy was a very hot actor for mid range movies… he was filming for a month, that’s why he was subletting… didn’t help that he was parading shirtless)

As I tried to sleep and gauge how early I should wake up to travel to work from a new location, a car blasting Spanish music or Mexican music? Rolled up. I soon discovered that it was a LARGE Hispanic or is it Latino? Family who lived above my sublet… a family whose foot steps echoed like bad house music and ya’ll know how much I LOVEE house music. But once again, it only took me a couple of moments to adjust to the Spanish banter and heavy walking.


When I arrived back to LA yesterday, Ernesto (my future roommate, old acquaintance from Berkeley) picked me up and took me to a karaoke bar in Silverlake. It was here that I enjoyed a 7 dollar pitcher happy hour while watching ridiculous hipsters rock out with fanny packs, bangs and home damaged jeans. I said to Ernesto, “I need more BANGS!” He responded, “the trick is to look like you don’t care what you look like.” OHHH THAT makes sense. Ernesto joked, “but that fanny pack that she’s wearing isn’t ironic, it's functional!” It was a camping pack rather than a neon one.

It was also there that I meet a very attractive boy from Texas, but Ernesto already had his eye on him... being a good friend, I backed off.

Local Bar

After the bar, after my terrible rendition of Build Me Up Buttercup dedicated to home, we found ourselves at MJ’s a LOCAL gay bar!!! To our surprise the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were hosting "HARD Heroes" an annual benefit party preceding San Diego's comicon. They had Free face painting (for masks), body painting (if you want to paint on a suit on your ripped body) and folks in costumes wrestling. Lots of batman robins, spidermans, etc… it was a sight, but my found camera is still in the hands of Alysia in Pasadena.

Ernesto and I had our eyes on the 4 Asian dudes in that room of bears, bearded nuns and latex suited folks. They seemed to have been doing the same. "Happy Sunday," I said to Ernesto. He smiled back.

Gay Friendships

I have realized that Gay Friendship has a large turnover. Why? Because not only are we are friends, but we are best friends, lovers, exes, backstabbers, cheaters. We are there for each other when we’re lonely, we are there for each other when we are horny. We are there for each other to talk in trust. We are there for each other when we need gossip. We are obsessed with each other until our heart hurts, we hate each other with ever ounce of our body.

Straight people have their lovers and they have their same gender best man, maid of honor. They have girls' night out and football games. For gays, everything is all mixed up.

I felt gay friends push me away, I’ve felt myself pushing others aside to find something “better,” because the definition of "gay friend" is very unclear and is constantly redefined due to failed expectations and disappointments- it’s sad how that happens.

To my gay friends who have become my family, I plan on staying in touch even though I’m in LA trying to make something new.

To my future friends in LA- my future roommates: I am thankful that things are working out. That surprisingly Ernesto and I really click...quickly we're becoming good platonic friends.

There are moments when we can't stop laughing at each other. And it's funny that just a few months ago, I didn't even recognize his Screen name on my buddy list.. and now I get frequent text messages from him saying, "where are you." Because he's concerned, he's actually the one making my transition ridiculously smooth.

I’m already comforted by folks that enjoy the things I like to do. But of course, this is LA and there’s something/someone for everyone if you're willing to drive there. And the folks you already know could potentially be the folks that make your life better.


Rob said...

One of the easiest ways to see how friendships and relationships among gay men are messier is to watch a gay episode of "Next" vs. a straight one.

Alex C. said...

The last section of this blog entry is so true and insightful.


Luuworld said...

i wish i could sleep around like that! i envy you! lol

dannie said...

you're soooo lucky you can sleep anywhere and adjust to your surroundings so quickly.

thwany said...

i'm glad to hear that everything is working out. and yeah---i find it difficult to make gay friends.