Wednesday, August 12, 2009

July Recap Part II

It's Mid-August! I'm so behind.
Here are some picture of my July in LA.

: A Taiwanese Restaurant that's Native American themed. Beer is served by girls with short brown skirts and a large red feather in their hair... wait a minute.

Brady and Cheri from Old school NSU back in Berkeley!

I love Echo Park. And my new Roommates AND deep dish pizza at Masa's... actually no, I like think crust, but this was still good!

Sawtell area with Andy Chung. Our Exes are dating! It's fun!

Manhattan Beach with Alysia and her GURLfriends

I'm gonna remain dark forever!

Pick your distraction

Dinner at Sloopy's for some white food.

Worst nachos I've ever had despite how pretty it is. I think it's cuz Carl wasn't here!

Fast foward to Wednesday. Thai food at It's Thai Hometaurunt with Alysia.

And then Scoops Ice cream after.

Ernesto and me at a gay hipster club. Yeah, confusing.

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