Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Truck Woes

18 MPG. Not good.
Plus I'm too cheap to fix the self inflicted scratches and dents in my truck. Except I also got keyed. Blah

This weekend, I locked my keys in the car and had security on bikes and yellow jackets slim jim the back window open using my antenna. It is permanently bent.

Michelle had to climb through the back window. Best 45 minutes of my life. Sadly, security wouldn't take pictures with us.

This morning, I did the same thing in the garage of my work, luckily the Valet dude had hanger and I got 6 more butch points for being able to break into my car before work began.

This evening, I backed up into a tree.... I heard a large crack sound as I was pulling forward. To my surprise, a branch got caught in my bumper and before I knew it, I had a natural car embellishment.



Now why would I want to invest in a new smaller car?


dannie said...

hahaha i love your truck

mich said...

cash for clunkers!!

daaaang i look good from behind.