Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flaunting Your Fat Picture

I think it's amusing when people post their fat pictures. I found this kid on downelink. He's a lotta cocky.

My friend told me that most of the guys he dates/hooks up with used to be a little larger. Maybe it's a fetish. Though I think I prefer the guy below fatter... he seems to have a bit more substance.


dannie said...

cocky ain't cute

Gauss Jordan said...

wait... some guy posted his passport picture (with number) on downelink?

mikenguyen84 said...

i used to be obese. i NEVER show mine. it's humiliating. only one person has seen it besides my fam bam.

letopho said...

@ Gauss Jordan: He also left his last name in, I did him a favor to remove it, but oops on the number! LOL

@ mike. Please share, thanks.