Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's Uncomfortably Hot


Ernesto told me that he would never put himself in a situation where he knew he would be uncomfortable. Yet, as my situation unfolded he just listened without giving me any warning to heed because it was something that I needed to learn on my own.

Due to selfish needs, poor planning, abrupt indecisiveness and extremely hot and uncomfortable weather I found myself being a hassle, being a downer and being inflexible... qualities that I avoid. The "worst" in me emerged. I didn't like it. Others' also did not appreciate it.

Worst of all, consequently I put a friend in a terrible situation... which he is still upset about. It's the sort of thing that he would probably never forget.... and that I can't fix with a lunch or by feeling guilty and apologetic. I feel like something is owed.

Today, I was the bad guy.


I feel like shit.

Sorry for the vague entry. I don't feel like being honest today.


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Gauss Jordan said...

Eh. You recognized it. That means you're not 100% evil.