Sunday, August 16, 2009

Making an effort to see people you love.

Michelle headed off to the East Coast to start her new chapter.
I was SOOOOO mad when I found out she was 20 minutes away from me drinking SoJu when I was at home cutting my toe nails. But I made a weekend out of seeing people I love in Orange County (where Michelle is originally from.)

Eating Chao and dancing like our Vietamese parents taught us.

Eating Korean pizza and genetically enhanced Korean chicken with Madeline. And teaching JV how to throw a Frisbee. He actually made an effort to see me. *heart*

Michelle told me she misses being hugged by her close friends. Michelle and I are touch oriented... in the non-creepy way.

*embrace*smash* Hey Michelle, remember our PhotoBooth pictures?


Anh said...

how is Korean pizza different from regular pizza?

letopho said...

You can taste the war.

mich said...

hahaha those were good pictures.

did you like the kpizza?