Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Morning Thoughts

"Back in high school relationships were based on feelings and then sex made them complicated. Nowadays relationships are based on sex and then feelings make them complicated."

If feelings come first, let make it work
If sex comes first ... then let's just have sex.


Got this off Darnell's Tumblr.

I was waiting for the phone that was in her hand to spark a fire and cause an earthquake.
Yes, I'm guilty. Yes, this makes me more paranoid. No, it won't stop me. But, master texters know where their buttons are. Yes, no excuse.

I keep watching this! It's so well made. I hope The Final Destination is this good!! Can you hear their spines cracking! Good lord.

BTW. Tumblr is dumb because you can't comment. DUMB DUMB DUMB


mich said...

i was totally thinking about how it needs to go back to way it was when we were younger, when we got to know each other first. i think we can make it happen.

thwany said...

that quote is so true.

but for gay people i feel like that period starts after high school, unlike what most straight teenagers feel.