Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Need a Prius

Ernesto has a prius, he's really environmentally conscious. I joked that when he parked, I saw his Prius plant seeds.

On Friday:

Instead of going out to "White Night" with my coworkers for some German Sausages at Wurstk├╝che and then fancy pants night clubbing at the Edison and instead of going to West Hollywood to see old NSU folks, I chilled with Ernesto at AkBar- a local (key word) Gay Arabian Themed Hipsters club... that means, a whole bunch of fun songs I dont know AND MIA, Jimmy Eat World and Katey Perry... my head was spinning. It was like someone's iPod was playing. While people watching, Ernesto and I decided, the hat, skinny jean, vest, aviators, cigarettes and kicks was too much "look."

I tried to track down my coworkers because they were in the same neighborhood to no avail. We got the munchies and had some Eggplant at Suehiro Cafe in Little Tokyo and my coworkers spontaneously poured in! "CHRISTOPHER LQ!" Of all places in LA, of all places.

I introduced my coworkers to my future "roommate" Ernesto and he lift his arms, spread his legs and said, "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!" .... jk. But that would have been funny. Blog readers this is my "roommate" Ernesto. He takes care of me.

And... BTW. there is such good food here, I am collecting business cards like mad.

To DO:
A. LACMA with Antony to see Contempory Korean Artists (though I briefly saw this already.)
B. Kim Chi Pizza with Michelle before she leaves for DC... forever! + Possible OC night clubbing.
C. Sunday in the OC with Madeline -> Call JV and Cousin

Missing Out on:
A. West Hollywood to see Sally and Colleen
B. Universal Studios with Randy and Breck
C. Lunch with Jane (who I found out on Twitter that she just decided to drive to LA from San Jose after work. WHO DOES THAT?)
D. Modern Dance Class with Ernesto (he wanted private time *sad face)
E. Gay Swim team fundraiser in Long Beach. 1 dollar beers. (ARG! No time!!!)
F. Happy Hour with Will B.- he never called me back :[

Next Week
A. Find Time for Sally
B. Connect with Connie
C. Meal with Cyrus
D. Cook dinner with Sandy!
E. Connect with my coworker about buy a bicycle to bike to work =X

YEAH LA.. Keep it coming, I will arrange/prioritize my time SO efficiently. BOO YEAH. And I STILL need to look at the recommendation list from Danster and Trinh!! TO DO LIST IS SO EXTENSIVE!


Blowing my mind:
Yeah Ebrahim!!!!!!!

Thanks JR!


mich said...

dang you're missing out on a lot this weekend ... i feel special. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha to do list? These are some places you should check out, mostly free:

-Disneyland fireworks atop their parking garage, 9:30pm every night. Free parking after 9pm.
-Mulholland drive lookout
-Signal Hill
-Orange Balloon, free! Thurs-Sundays (HELLA COOL)
-Venice canals
-Hollywood lake park
-Ellen show, Conan, Deal or no Deal
-Americana at Brand
-The Grove's Farmer's Market
-Price is Right
-Thai Town
-Brodard Viet Nem Nuong Rolls
-Ontario Outlets
-Blue Quesadilla Cart
-Father's Office Burger!!!

- Danster
Need more ideas, I have plenty and I am coming down Labor Day weekend